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It was so lonnggg I did not update my blog. Been busy is one of the reason and there is no blogger app installed on my phone due to technical problem which makes me keep on postponed writing the blog. 

My last post was February, 2017 and now as I am writing it is already January 1st, 2018. 11 months I had left my blog. Oh my God! I think that is the longest period I never even login to my blog. Just 5 days more, I will be 23 years old. Somehow feeling old though since lots of my friends are already engaged, getting married and some of them even got pregnant. Congratulations!

What's up with 2017?

Well.. Wallahilazim, I've been through a lot in 2017. It was a great year to have such experience for me to grow and realise things about real life. Happy, sad, demotivated, thankful..and I cried a lot too. I thank Allah for this chances, even when the hard times, I still have support from my loved ones. Allah is great. I couldn't believe how I can finally get rid of those pain. Alhamdulillah. Not just that, I also got 2 newborn niece in this year. It is my 2nd brother's daughter we call Ayra, born in April and my sister's newborn baby named Azalea in November. They have been one of the best thing in 2017 for me. I summarize, 2017 is amazing. All the pain and sweet little things had makes me even stronger to live my life. I am very thankful for that. Thank you to mama, abah, my family, my best friends for always be there for me through thick and thin, and showered me with lots of love, never stop believe in me. Basically thanks to all whom makes my 2017 a good memory. ;)

As an update, I am now live in Kuala Lumpur! I resign from LIS in November. It was tough to finally decided to leave the school. I love the job, I love my colleagues, I am happy whenever I meet new parents, students and even teachers or staff. However, things doesn't always go as we wanted to right? It took me 2 months to decide to leave. Thanks to Director for the opportunity given. My best colleagues, I missed them all. I started my career there as an intern, offered to be one of the staff and been working there for almost 2 years. Indeed, I have learnt a lot! 

December, 2017. 

I went to KL early of the month for job interview. Praise the Lord, it went really smooth and I got them all. After discussed and explain things to mama and abah, Alhamdulillah they let me go out from my sweetest home. A week later I went back to Labuan and enjoy my free time being a babysitter to my sis's newborn baby. It was awkward for me in the first week after went back from KL because I was literally do nothing, just babysitting. Unlike usual I always busy with work. I did felt bored because I used to work haha but then in the 2nd week, I started to feel relax and enjoy being lazy all the time. Lol. In the end of the month, I officially move to KL. A new phase of life begin. 

It is quite challenging I admit that. Being away from home again after almost 2 years. It will be different now because I won't know when will I come home again for holidays as I am not a full time student now instead, I am doing full time working and insyAllah will be a part time student soon. I can say that it is a sacrifice as I was already comfortable living in my hometown with my close family and best friends.. As my best friend said, I am taking a big step in my life now. A whole new experience in a new year. As I'm writing this entry, I miss my family a lot and I can easily cry for no reason. Somehow it was affected by the pain in 2017 but I know, Allah is the great planner. It may takes sometime for me to fit in and live the new surrounding. 

Someone asked me "So hows your first night in KL? Spontaneously I said, I got fucked. Literally. Haha  (Please don't ask me why I said that :p)

Anyway, I am doing a service which I do the proofreading for thesis for any Uni students. If anyone of you reading this entry interested to pay me for that, kindly email me personally at okay? 

Forgot to mention that I am also doing my part time business as a Henna artist. Anyone who wants to book henna drawing service for party (birthday, for instance), events, wedding and for fun, kindly dm me on my instagram @annakaribo  or email me. 

Happy new year once again, may all our dreams come true, always keep the faith and all the best ;)


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