Monday, 20 February 2017

Major Throwback About Crush

Hello again!

I know most of us especially girls got a crush. hehe

My heart melt whenever I see this!
As I was scrolling my twitter this morning, I saw a post about boys who loves playing with little kids. So loving! I an ice! hahaha

Anyway the picture somehow remind me of one my crush which I call him as "Abang Polis". he isnt a police men. Not at all. I call him that because he was active in kadet polis sekolah. Abang Polis is a very loving guy. A loving brother! I remember attending a course back in school years ago, In the course, we were place with these school kids. Still young below than 10 years old. I saw him playing with these kids. Boys. The boys were laughing out loud of his jokes. He tease them, he laughed. Oh my God. My heart melt! hahaha omg omg omg

I could still see the picture of that moment in my head now. Hahaha.. I remember that time I couldn't stop smiling, like an idiot. End of the course session I reached out to the boys and asked them do they like my abang polis, not to my surprise, they do! They said "abang tu best la kak". Kids are innocent. They don't lie. I can't lie either during the event my head were full of him. jeez! xD

I didn't know where is he now. As the latest update, a friend inform me that he will be married soon. Alhamdulillah. May he lives happily ever after with his lady and may God bless them both till jannah and produce lots of babies! I know he will be a very loving husband and father to his wifey and kids. Lucky ler that lady. hihii

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