Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Let bygones be bygones

Hello everybody. Been a long time, again.  We already reach december now. How time flies. 2016 is a tough year for me indeed. Quite challenging in so many ways. I jump from one step to another, very unexpected. 

There are people asked me, "how's 2016 to you?". I wrote the answer on the above paragraph but i'd like to just use one word to describe - which is "tough". I got happiness, sadness, madness.. where those things affected my health too. Physically and emotionally. Tortured. For 2016, I have been through a lot since early of the year. I've been upside down. Unstable, but I glad I could make myself up again. Letting myself going through the obstacle of life that I may say, is just begun. 

Honestly, I am in the middle of mental breakdown. No worries, I am not crazy. Still normal, breath in breath out, smiling, laughing and even crying. It was just too much for me to take in. Too much that I'd say I am definitely not yet ready for this. Praise the Lord. The Almighty has been very helpful that He gives me strength to go through these thing I have never imagine. Thank you very much for those who stay, and support me. 

Shakespears say, let bygones be bygones. I once lost. I did. Maybe so many times I can't even count but I still have hope to live. We are heading to the new year of 2017 and what ever happened in 2016 is already a history. Old proverb says, let all things past, pass!

Alhamdulillah. InsyAllah, this 2017 will be a great year where I can meet more new people, new experience, and living my new life too. I hope, upcoming 22nd birthday next month makes me even more stronger, more bless, more love, more experience, more mature and more money. Yeah, more money. I basically need that to pay study loan and for saving. And travelling. 

This time, I'm not just writing random. I want to post something that I could go back and remember that I have done the best so far in 2016 though it was quite challenging in a way that it hurts me too, a lot. I pray that God will always bless us all. Amen. 

'Let the unpleasantness between us become a thing of the past'.

Be strong and always keep the faith.