Tuesday, 9 February 2016


Hey there!

I had a photoshoot today. It was unexpected actually. The aim was to help a friend handling something that she couldn't fix herself alone so then she asked me to join her. I'm done with my classes so far so I'm definitely home now for a long time. Since there's nothing much to do on this Lunar year I said yes. 

After zuhr, we move to Maie's house to catch some movies and then Maie joined us doing a photoshoot. It was hot fun day indeed! Its not the first time being a talent to a photographer but its been a long long time not doing it. I consider it as my first with my very very good close friend Pico. It was extremendously fun! I'm not awkward. I don't feel shy of course and I can pose whatever style I wanted to. Well, its an offer so of course I receive no payement. Maie was doing great. She looks extremely beautiful. She got the pose and everything. Me? Oh I'm not a good talent but I can make the photographer smile. Hahaha 

I'm not good in posing. I'm not a lady-like talent. Modelling isn't my passion. Lol. Its like the first 5 photo I'll pose like a sweet style lady but lemme tell you, its not genuine pose! Its not me, really not me! Then after 5 mins, I'll change to my real me. Pico had tagged me the photo and I received a comment says "stylo". Haha yes bro, stylo! I actually didn't know how to pose like a model. Seriously. The same thing happened before when I pose as one of the bridemaid of a senior's wedding. Though I wear heels, I do wear and love heels but it doesn't mean I'm a feminist. Haha 

So a big thanks to Pico for offering me being your talent which is not very talented. Haha. Anyway thanks. I appreciate your work. It was great! Pray for your success amen. And thanks to Maie for your lovely transvylnia nyx lipstick. Dark purple colour is just my cup of tea. I love it and thanks again to both for spending a great great time with me. Hope to see you both again. Nak photoshoot lagi pun bolehhh!! Hahahah 

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