Friday, 8 January 2016


Tell me who doesnt wanna have a perfect , real relationship with someone you love? I bet all us do. 

Getting into a relationship is like you are willing to assign to an commitment. Either you have to or you wanted to. Real life may not have appear as smooth or always happy ending instead we will have to face something that sometimes or I can say most of the time we do not expect to happen. 

Doesnt matter if you are serious or not, as long as you and your partner agree to involve in a relationship, basically means you are ready to face the obstacle and go through everything together. Indeed, there will always have unavoidable arguments, missunderstood, fight and etc.. But then once both of you can get through that, the relationship may be safe
out of harms way. Its impossible not to have arguments because we are dealing emotionaly and physically with human being. Different attitude, different personalities, different that different this.. 

Bear in mind fellow friends..
There is no relationship is a waste of time and not all the relationship works. You may be happy and sad at the same time. I know some people regret meeting or knowing each other and not worth your time but believe me, its not a waste of time. Why? Because if it didnt work, it teach you something and will give you great thing too. Well of course it teach you lessons which in the meantime you gain new experience you never had. 

Don't regret about the relationship that doesnt work on you. You gotta remember behind all that, God has His reasons and better plan for us. You can regret on the person you used to know but not the relationship. You may not know something is broken if you dont try to pick it up. There is nothing unbreakable thing in this world. Though our heart brokes a lot. Right?