Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Craving Dissatisfied............yet!

What do you always think when you're going back home, staying there for weeks on holidays with your family? I know the first thing must be food. 

Every time I'm home, I bloody love the food here because I can eat whatever I want and mom would cook for me no matter what. Yes I get lazy of course, I admit that but that's the sweetest thing I have here. Being pampered by my parent. If I said I wanna eat this and that, in the following day I'll get it. I don't usually ask anything else except food. Just food. Perhaps thats the reason why I couldn't be a hot-skinny-chick. Haha!

Well for this time, for now actually I'm craving for "pau" and I still don't get one. Its frustrating you know. I reached home safely on 4th November and will be back to study place on 24th. Badly, I'm on high fever along with flu and cough and I'm still on medication now. It was said due to my body system and the weather. And I honestly havent touch my project which I supposed to complete it at least a half of the system. Hmm I guess I'll just stick to it once I'm back in study place. Next week, I'll be gone from home and I hope my so craving for food is done before I fly away. 

Have a nice day peeps!

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