Tuesday, 24 November 2015


Have you ever seen someone who you never see her/he upset? Mad? Tempered? Because all you see is her/his smile, her/his laughter?? 

These kind of people, you would not know what they may become if they had exceed their patience limitation. There, you may see them as a very different person you've never known. I dare you to make them turns into a hulk! 

Now thats happening to me. I don't like to be that kind of monster. Yes I call that monster. I don't usually show people my real anger. Despite I will just show how disappointed I am just to express my thought. No matter how angry I am, as long as I could control, it won't be harmful. I hate to be in that situation. Because I don't want people to be afraid of me, I never want to hate or hurt anyone.. However, I'm just a human. 

So please guys, show your respect. Doesn't matter whatever thing it is. Be respectful. Treat people like how you wanna be treated. Don't turn an ordinary laughter, happy go lucky person into a hulk or a monster. Know why? Because whenever you do that, they won't be the same to you like before.. Trust me. 

P/S: I need to control my anger. 

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