Tuesday, 6 October 2015


You would never know the scars you did not see
You would never understand how they fight against the pain
You would never know what it feels like
Lost in the battle you never wanted to join
And being left in such a disgusting state
'cause you never get that words they meant to you
An innocent girl with such a disappointment.

Despite they always told you not to be believe in what you see
Despite they teach you gazing just to make you open your eyes
Despite they put a lot of effort to push you far ahead
There will always be a hidden message that you must know
But, you didn't
'cause you refused
Girl, you are such a disappointment.

The world may be the reason for your blindness
The beautiful thing is not always beautiful as you think
Even you know one thing
The most beautiful rose has a deadliest thorn
But you still refused and ignore
'cause all you see is paradise
That lies on hell floor
And you are such a disappointment.

You've learnt how to see things move
You've also shown how to see the pain
But why did you refused to understand?
That life is not all about happiness
But pain..
Don't be foolish
Don't be selfish
If you still insist
They would never stop trying to convince
The path you just choose isn't right
Don't be as what they've told you not to
They urge to give you a hand
So you wouldn't fall
And drowning in the river of your mistake
But you,
Still refused the things others try to safe you
'cause you still have your skin clean
No scars and flawless

You, such a disappointment...

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