Tuesday, 27 October 2015



Yesterday was tiring to me and fellow housemate. Guess what we were doing? We had cleaning session where we open up a master bedroom after a year its been locked. 

I wonder if anyone asked me why is that master bedroom locked for one year? Well, first thing first.. We have 4 rooms here in this medium flat. 2 master bedroom and 2 single room with toilet sharing outside the room. I've been in this house for 1 year and half. Before, there was a girl who stayed in the locked room. No no, it is not a ghost story. Just telling you the history. Another master bedroom is my room. So she left this house a year ago in july or august (I don't remember) but she said she still insist to pay for that room bcs she left her things inside. So I said yeah why not. She said also that she will come back but its already one year and she never come once.. And the sad truth was, she has skip the payment for months and I'm the one who paid for it. Unfair I know. After months I gave her chances, after so many times reminding her (but no reply) so I decided to break into the room. 

We were surprised that we found so many things inside. Useful thing we took as ours. And the rest were gone to the trash bin. It was really a hardwork to clean up all this mess in the room. Thank God I have two girls helping me. Now the room is fully open. ;)

Anyway since I have paid the room for months and forward, I urge to stay in that room too. The reason are, The fan in my master bedroom is not functioning well, it is hot in there. I don't even know how could I survive all these time. Haha! Like someone says "your room is just like sauna you know!" Ohh well.. Can't deny that but I'm used to it. I love that room. So after the cleaning done, I moved my bed into that room. Except for my closet and others. I just sleep and study there. The other room stay as my wardrobe. Cool isn't it? I have 1 master bedroom as my wardrobe and another master bedroom as my sleep place. Plus, the fan in the room I use to sleep now got a very powerful ceiling fan that is so cold and I love it to the max! I do sleep in there with one of my housemate. 

It is final exam week now and I still got 3 more papers to go. So during free time I would like to spend my time to arrange my wardrobe room and get things done there before I leave for semester holidays soon. 

Wishing everyone of you have a nice day.. 

P/S: Apologize for not showing any pictures of the room because I didn't take any yet. Esp before and after picture. Haha. 

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