Tuesday, 27 October 2015



Yesterday was tiring to me and fellow housemate. Guess what we were doing? We had cleaning session where we open up a master bedroom after a year its been locked. 

I wonder if anyone asked me why is that master bedroom locked for one year? Well, first thing first.. We have 4 rooms here in this medium flat. 2 master bedroom and 2 single room with toilet sharing outside the room. I've been in this house for 1 year and half. Before, there was a girl who stayed in the locked room. No no, it is not a ghost story. Just telling you the history. Another master bedroom is my room. So she left this house a year ago in july or august (I don't remember) but she said she still insist to pay for that room bcs she left her things inside. So I said yeah why not. She said also that she will come back but its already one year and she never come once.. And the sad truth was, she has skip the payment for months and I'm the one who paid for it. Unfair I know. After months I gave her chances, after so many times reminding her (but no reply) so I decided to break into the room. 

We were surprised that we found so many things inside. Useful thing we took as ours. And the rest were gone to the trash bin. It was really a hardwork to clean up all this mess in the room. Thank God I have two girls helping me. Now the room is fully open. ;)

Anyway since I have paid the room for months and forward, I urge to stay in that room too. The reason are, The fan in my master bedroom is not functioning well, it is hot in there. I don't even know how could I survive all these time. Haha! Like someone says "your room is just like sauna you know!" Ohh well.. Can't deny that but I'm used to it. I love that room. So after the cleaning done, I moved my bed into that room. Except for my closet and others. I just sleep and study there. The other room stay as my wardrobe. Cool isn't it? I have 1 master bedroom as my wardrobe and another master bedroom as my sleep place. Plus, the fan in the room I use to sleep now got a very powerful ceiling fan that is so cold and I love it to the max! I do sleep in there with one of my housemate. 

It is final exam week now and I still got 3 more papers to go. So during free time I would like to spend my time to arrange my wardrobe room and get things done there before I leave for semester holidays soon. 

Wishing everyone of you have a nice day.. 

P/S: Apologize for not showing any pictures of the room because I didn't take any yet. Esp before and after picture. Haha. 

Friday, 9 October 2015

Useful Tips

Recently I've seen a lot of useful tips for womens health. Found on article, talk, advertisement, radio, twitter and facebook about how much you care about yourself during menstrual cycle.

Ever since I've read them all and heard lot of advices from adults esp my mom, I think I should share a very simple and useful tips I just found with you guys here.

During menstrual cycle or easy to say as period, there are few things that women can do and cannot do. And this thing only happened few days in a month. Normally women are on period every month except for those whom are pregnant and maybe got a problem. But still, while you're on period you must take a good care of yourself.

Here's the tips:

1. Do not wash your hair especially on the first 3 days of period. Chinese people believe that it is not good for your head and uterus bcs the cold water will affect your blood flowing. I do believe in this tips bcs I always get a headache if I wash my hair during the first 3 days of my period. Plus, mom always says that too!

2. Avoid cold drinks. Especially ICE! Which I always do. Mom said the effect is not on the current age but later when you are growing old. Hmm I know its not good. I remember my teacher said so when I was in high school but I just can't resist the ice blended, ice shake, anything with ice on these hot days! Mom said, "just drink mineral sudah laa". Haha yeah but somehow the ice cold drinks are lot sexier than a plain water, mom :p.. Girls and woman out there, this is serious. No ice or cold drinks okay!

3. Heat up your body. You know we had a low body temperature during period right? So you gotta heat up your system that will sure make yourself energize, fresh, comfortable and far from being too weak. Drink a hot drinks maybe hot chocolate? Which I always do. Eat your meals while it still hot. It will helps too. Or, you may wear socks while sleeping. Just like a baby :p

4. Don't diet, no exercise. Its just for a while right? You have to relax. You still can do your morning walk to get you some fresh air.. Doing exercise is good but during period, your energy isn't the same as normal without blood flowing on your vagina. I can say we are weak at this point. So don't burden yourself to make your body weaker okay. But if you still insist, thats up to you. Diet? Nope. Eat whatever you want. Don't stop yourself having 3 slices of pizza or sweet chocolate cake. Usually during period, there will be always lot of menu that a girl wants to eat. Am I right? *grinn*

Anyway at this point somehow, you might be a princess or queen where you can give orders to your man! Ask them to buy something you want or do something for you. It feels good you know. Don't forget to say thanks. So here, I would like to say thanks abah for always buy various type of food if I'm home both during period or not. Thanks to my two brother for always say yes for every command I gave. Haha. And thanks to my sweetheart for always take a good care of me, buy and serve me this and that. Tu belum married lagi, hopefully dah married nanti much better la ya. Harharhar xD

Okay ladies, take a good care of yourself! 

Tuesday, 6 October 2015


You would never know the scars you did not see
You would never understand how they fight against the pain
You would never know what it feels like
Lost in the battle you never wanted to join
And being left in such a disgusting state
'cause you never get that words they meant to you
An innocent girl with such a disappointment.

Despite they always told you not to be believe in what you see
Despite they teach you gazing just to make you open your eyes
Despite they put a lot of effort to push you far ahead
There will always be a hidden message that you must know
But, you didn't
'cause you refused
Girl, you are such a disappointment.

The world may be the reason for your blindness
The beautiful thing is not always beautiful as you think
Even you know one thing
The most beautiful rose has a deadliest thorn
But you still refused and ignore
'cause all you see is paradise
That lies on hell floor
And you are such a disappointment.

You've learnt how to see things move
You've also shown how to see the pain
But why did you refused to understand?
That life is not all about happiness
But pain..
Don't be foolish
Don't be selfish
If you still insist
They would never stop trying to convince
The path you just choose isn't right
Don't be as what they've told you not to
They urge to give you a hand
So you wouldn't fall
And drowning in the river of your mistake
But you,
Still refused the things others try to safe you
'cause you still have your skin clean
No scars and flawless

You, such a disappointment...