Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Blood Donation

Hi all..

I don't know if you guys had experience donating your blood. I just did. It was awesome!!

My blood type is A not B as what I thought before bcs my mom is B blood type. Actually I never donate my blood before. But there was a time that before I had my vitamin C injection the doctor took like a small bag of my blood. I don't know is that consider as blood donation? 

Anyway, today was totally amazing to me. My real intention is I wanna do it the other day after class but I don't know why I went there and the staff give me a form and I filled up everything then I just follow the flow! But somehow there is something comes up on my mind. My blood pressure was high a week before exam week caused by stress and not enough rest and I remember that my mom got a hypertension so I was thinking that is it bcs of the stress or rest or actually genetic? Alhamdulillah, it was normal. Teehee :p

So you can see my blood flowing! Though I'm not a medical student but I love to see my own blood. It's thick dark red and I literally not afraid of blood. They took a bag of my blood. I guess it's 1 litre and I don't feel strange during the process. I feel normal and after they stopped it, the nurse asked me to rest for 10 mins. Yeah I'm not dizzy at all. 

After the 10 mins rest, I went to the stairs up to the library and sat there awaiting for my housemate to came. I was okay and mom called me. The moment we talked I started to feel strange. My eyes became blurry vision and my stomach was like having a storm inside and I feel my body so weak by seconds. Then I said to my mom I felt dizzy and I couldn't talk much. So she asked me to take a rest and hung up the phone. That time, I had a liltle pain on my back that needs me to lay down. Since there is no bed around the campus (of course lar no bed, its campus!), and my house is at outside the campus that I need to walk along the road which sounds impossible for me so instead of going home I went back to the donation place and I called a nurse there and she helped me. I was so unstable at the moment. Once they lay me on the stretcher (I guess that's the name, not even sure what is it in malay too) I relaxed myself there and the pain reduced. It took me awhile there though till my housemate came and wait for me. Haha. Well actually I'm the one who waits for her. Thanks lovely housemate for your patience! xp 

Thanks to the nurses too and the doctor. It was a great moment for me. Priceless experience for the first-time blood donator. Haha 

Know what? I would love to donate my blood again next time!! ☺️☺️☺️