Thursday, 13 August 2015


Offended. I am.

I don't really mind if those whom didnt close to me to say such thing. I don't even care. I've been through a lot of negative sayings that people throw on my face.  

I know I love making jokes with whom I comfortable with especially those person that knows me well. I know some words would hurt them but the thing I'll make sure is I don't talk or make it public as people could hear or see or read. It will be just between me and the person. I do know sometimes people can't take it but at least I don't make them feel very bad as if I make it to the public eyes. 

And I know I had hurt them. I might sometimes apologize directly but most of the time I don't. Instead I'll do something to make then feel better again. Thats how I have done so far. 

Anyway, it is hard for me for being offended because literally I don't fucking care but I do feel bad when it comes from the person I'm very close to that I easily share anything or everything with. I do offended if their mean jokes comes into public eyes. Public eyes means everyone will see, hear or maybe read. For me thats rude enough. Thank you for doing so. Insulting someone who had been your side no matter what happen. 

My point here is.. Please always mind your words before saying things in public. Though it is just by writing that you think it is nothing, please put yourself as the outside reader when you are about to say something. Then how do you feel? Bad? Good? Decide. Unless if it is just a personal conversation, you might do so because usually those who you are talking to understand enough if they were hurt, it won't be bad but that depends on how you handle the situation. 

So that is just how it goes. I'm still in recovering the bad feeling in fact. Just wants to share this to you as a reminder for everyone including myself too.