Wednesday, 22 July 2015

The Past

I know it is not the first time,
First time to do that mistake,
I know it was a mistake,
That I never ever repeat,
Though it was a very long time ago,
Its always, 
Show up on my head,
The mistake I should never did.

I know,
Human could not run away from making mistakes,
Always will do or create a mistake,
But human also do one thing,
Where they should learnt and not repeating it again..

I know,
Sometimes its just hard to deny,
Just hard to avoid,
Just hard to accept,
The fact that doing it is wrong,
Or we just blind from seeing the truth..

I know how is it feels like,
Being trapped on your own mistake,
Where no one actually knows,
No one ever realize,
And there,
No one who you can talk to.

I just have to balance my life,
Live it to the fullest,
But its just easier said than done,
I have to struggle to keep this thing on my secret box,
Where I put the key to somewhere that people wouldn't know,
The right person come and I will have pass the key.

Although I hate to admit,
But I just can't throw it away,
The feelings being abused,
Where I always afraid to tell,
Because I've been stuck for something I should care for.

People always say,
Let gone be by gone..
Which these people,
Don't have any idea what was happened on the past,
And that,
Only God knows everything...

Tuesday, 14 July 2015


Hola fella!

Ramadan will leave us soon, how sad! But eid will come and greet us then ☺️ hoping everyone is having a great time with your loved ones!

Anyway, I dont know about you guys but for me, I have lot of nickname though my full name is short. Basically, family will just call me ana and that name I use to call myself whenever I speak to my family members.

Those close friends I have also call me with that name too.. Just either the spelling with single N or double. 

Since I grew up, many ppl just call me "Na".. Siblings, cousins, uncles, aunties, bff, friends.. And I love that. Really. I feel that they respect with that name. I dont know why, thats just how I feel. *grinn*

So you guys can call me "Na" from now. Hehe.. Its short to write, to type, to say and to remember isnt it? ☺️