Saturday, 27 June 2015

Morning moment

Waking up early, take a bath and get ready waiting for fajr is a routine. No matter where I am..

But, here in my hometown - home sweet home I have add extra activity on the weekend. And happily says, that is my fav moment! 

On the weekend, usually mom and dad will go to the market for groceries shopping. Its not in the supermarket or you may call wallmart or tesco or giant but a fresh market. Dad would bring me and mom to the fish factory to buy seafood instead of the fish market because its much cheaper and for me, I love the surroundings, its an open fresh market not in a building and I can see the morning sky above with the smell of fresh fishes, prawns, crabs, shrimps... I didnt say I like those smells but what I mean here is the situation, its different. I love that rather than the supermaket. 

Mom says the seafood factory will close strictly at 6 in the morning so we have to be there earlier. I am so excited to see so many fish and those sea creatures as much as I love seafood! 

Then dad drive off to the big new market place to buy vegetables.. FYI, We are green family. Vege is a must for our dinner. Seafood and vege is a great meal combination for me because I found it as my meal perfection ☺️

To be conclude, that is my morning precious moment. I love doing it. Its only here I can do so because if I'm going back to my study place, I wouldn't get a chance to experience that over there. Usually me and my housemates will just gone to giant for grocery shopping. There got a fresh market inside the building but for me its not a "real" fresh market and its always be a different feeling. 

Soon I would return to my study place for a week just for the new semester registration and then go back here to my home sweet home for eid holiday. 

Ramadan mubarak everyone! ☺️

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