Saturday, 27 June 2015

Morning moment

Waking up early, take a bath and get ready waiting for fajr is a routine. No matter where I am..

But, here in my hometown - home sweet home I have add extra activity on the weekend. And happily says, that is my fav moment! 

On the weekend, usually mom and dad will go to the market for groceries shopping. Its not in the supermarket or you may call wallmart or tesco or giant but a fresh market. Dad would bring me and mom to the fish factory to buy seafood instead of the fish market because its much cheaper and for me, I love the surroundings, its an open fresh market not in a building and I can see the morning sky above with the smell of fresh fishes, prawns, crabs, shrimps... I didnt say I like those smells but what I mean here is the situation, its different. I love that rather than the supermaket. 

Mom says the seafood factory will close strictly at 6 in the morning so we have to be there earlier. I am so excited to see so many fish and those sea creatures as much as I love seafood! 

Then dad drive off to the big new market place to buy vegetables.. FYI, We are green family. Vege is a must for our dinner. Seafood and vege is a great meal combination for me because I found it as my meal perfection ☺️

To be conclude, that is my morning precious moment. I love doing it. Its only here I can do so because if I'm going back to my study place, I wouldn't get a chance to experience that over there. Usually me and my housemates will just gone to giant for grocery shopping. There got a fresh market inside the building but for me its not a "real" fresh market and its always be a different feeling. 

Soon I would return to my study place for a week just for the new semester registration and then go back here to my home sweet home for eid holiday. 

Ramadan mubarak everyone! ☺️

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Ramadan Mubarak!

Ramadan is just begin. Alhamdulillah we meet again the blessing month. Hope everyone is doing fine. 

This year just like last year where I celebrate my ramadan here in my hometown during semester break. I will only spend 1 week fasting in the campus life just before eid coming. Then will go back again here for eid holiday.

Hoping that ramadan this year would be better than the past year despite so many things happen to me this year so far, for the sake of God, I accept everything for good.  InsyAllah 😊☺️

Ramadan Mubarak everyone!! ☺️

Wednesday, 10 June 2015


Through all troubles, problem, distraction, disturbance and illness.. I just can't stop to thank Allah for giving me chance to breath every morning from the day I was born till today. Alhamdulillah..

In fact, I have nothing and I am nothing without Allah and His guidance, blessing, forgiveness, protection, mercy and love. To Allah we pray for our best, to Allah we put our hopes, to Allah we devote our love that would be the greatest pleasure no one will give to us. Alhamdulillah..

For the sake of Allah, we have to admit that we are the non stoppable sinner should ask for His hidayah, forgiveness no matter how terrible we are. As for living this life is the greatest chance to make ourselve better day by day then we ought to not or ever far from Allah. The world seems too old for this dunya entertainment that we should have never stop from praying and improve our ibadah. May The Almighty grant our du'a and never ever let us far from His attention. We - the human being with imperfection whom walk the street, making so many mistakes should always have at least saying Alhamdulillah for everything we have. Alhamdulillah..

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Wedding Ceremony

Hi all. End of May last week, I went to Sekinchan, Kuala Selangor for a wedding invitation. It was my senior's wedding. 

Eira and Faiz.

It was amazing to see a different culture and tradition of Banjar people there on how they were celebrating wedding party, and how the people gather around cooperating. It was something new to me cause I'm not a Banjar people. Yeah, the language is quite differ than a normal malay but it isnt really weird for me cause I could understand some words - lil bit similar to my own mother tongue language. 

I spent 3 days 2 night over my senior's house. It wasnt awkward for me cause it is not my first time staying over there. I have to say that I already make a good-close relationship with her family too. I wasnt alone though, I came with my college mate - una, mimi and suha. All of them are originally from kedah (my dad's origin birth place). Comes to my surprise that since that day we became close to each other cause before I never know them despite we are studying at the same place! 

Anyway, let's continue to the wedding process. On the 30th May at 9.40pm, my senior - sis Eira has officially became Faiz's other half. They were wearing soft pink outfit and both of them look great and gorgeous!! Here's the picture.. 

The akad nikah went well that night. I am so tremendously happy for sis Eira and her hubsy captain Faiz. Alhamdulillah its a new chapter for both of you living as a husband and wife. And I pray for your marriage last forever showered by happines and blessing and surrounded by love. 

The day was tough. Why? Cause the whole village is out of electricity. Blackout. Damn hot man! Imagine doing work in such a hot situation but glad that we could make it although it was hard. Alhamdulillah the electricity was back around 7pm something *if I'm not mistaken* so it doesnt ruined the akad nikah process.

The next day is the peak of the wedding ceremony where the bride and groom will show themselves off to all the guest whom are invited. Still, the same malay tradition, they will walk to the house and sit on the "pelamin" (a place where they have prepared chair for the bride and groom to sit and face the guests) *sorry I dont know the exact word for pelamin In english*. Since sis Eira is marrying a soldier, captain Faiz - they have to use the formal wedding protocol. Now let's move your eye to the next picture to make you understand. 


As you see the picture above, where the bride and groom will walk through the red carpet with the soldiers as their - somehow I just called them bodyguard. Haha. This is one of the protocol they must follow. 


Now the picture was about to tell you that they were heading to the pelamin..

This is how pelamin looks like. A simple design yet so nice and beautiful. And there were the bride and groom sitting facing the guests. That girl is one of the bridemaid which will stand and comfort the bride and same goes to the other side. 

Another picture...


Cake cutting session. This is also one of the soldier-formal wedding protocol. In a normal wedding, we definitely dont need that mens in formal outfit with swords around the cake ☺️



And thats me and my friend. Must be you wondering why only me wearing a green outfit differ from my friend aye? Well actually they are 5 bridemaids for the wedding which wearing the same color outfit and these girls will involve in the wedding photoshoot. Apparently I wasnt one of them. Thats why you see me in a diff color outfit. Anyhow, on that week, maybe like 2 days before the wedding, two of the girls stated that they won't come - for some reason of course. So they left these 3 girls. And for that reason also, my appearance became a replacement for the gone 2 girls. It wasnt my plan though but yeah it was fun to be one of them. 😄

After the wedding ceremony ends, we were heading to sekinchan paddy field to shoot the post-wedding photos. 


Beautiful shot by the paid photographer on the second picture. The first one taken by me. 

Anyway, while we were shooting... There was a very very hilarious moment made by me that day. We were instructed by the photographer to pose alone in the middle of the paddy field. When it comes to my turn... I was stumbled upon a rock and fell down on the paddy grass. I couldn't control myself and loose my balance. Nice shot, there were 6 to 8 bikers around and all of them laughing at me and seriously I hardly stop laughing myself too! 😂😂😂

The mud had ruined my flat shoes but I was so happy and satisfied that at least I could make everyone laugh and happy - of course I'm the one whom created a funny moment so that everyone there won't forget that amazing photoshoot. 😁

So here's my selfie 😘


It's us! The other 3 gorgeous girl is my senior's good close friend and became my close buddy too! 😂😜

So thats a wrap! 


To my dear sister Eira and husband captain Faiz, Thank you for inviting me to the wedding. It was fun and a great moment I have here. Sorry I couldn't join the groom side party cause my final exam is just around the corner. I am glad that I could helped you for the wedding preparation. It was nice to know both of you. Thank you for accept me the way I am cause I know most of time I always make jokes of you guys. 😜 may your marriage last forever till jannah. Sayang akak Eira lillahi taala. Jadi isteri yg solehah, ibu yg baik untuk anak2 kelak ye. And to captain Faiz, be a good responsible understanding husband. Treat your wife as a queen cause you know your life would not complete without her and be ready to be a good loving father soon! I pray for you guys to get anak cepat2. Hahahaha akak Eira, you know the tips I gave you 😉 lol.

Selamat Pengantin Baru. Selamat berbulan madu. Semoga bahagia selalu hingga ke anak cucu. 😘😘