Thursday, 28 May 2015

It's Time To Say Good Bye

Above picture is actually our first photo taken by a friend. It was 2 years ago in our LUC orientation hall. Basically I have known this guy for 2 years and he is one of the sweetest bad best guy on the earth. Haha


I knew this guy since I came here and yeah not all your orientation's friend is your current friend ( if you get me). So for this guy, I didn't expect that we could be so close like we are now. Almost for 2 years. He were there for me whenever I need him, always comes with amazing speech and words to calm me down, advice and cheers me with his natural sense of humour, making me laugh. Duh! I missed those moment of us.

Besides, I always love the food he cooked for me despite he is not a professional chef. I didn't know the reason exactly I liked this guy so much. Not to mean as a lover. He isn't my boyfriend though. He is my cheeky bald guy (for now cause he turn to be bald). Lot of things we shared. I remember the moment he was so frustrated, down to the hopeless point of his life when he was on his final project. It was a very stressful moment for him and I'm really glad I were there for him. So much memories created between us.

Now moving ahead...

The time has come. It's time to say good bye. He will fly away from this lovely peace and free Malaysia (as what he said) very soon and today is our last met. Hoping to see him again of course maybe here in the world second piece country or somewhere else beyond the sea. We can't break the bond we had. He gonna continue his journey to Germany, making a great achievement there after visiting his family in his origin country in the middle east. May his journey full with happiness and showered by blessings on everything he do. I pray the best comes with him. I actually hate to say good bye because he suppose to stay here until the mid of July but hmm... who are we to refuse the fate right? I missed him the moment he leave. I miss you dude!

Dear Mr Champion aka My cheeky bald guy aka his name...

   Wanted you to know that meeting you is a blessing. You've teach me a lot about life by the way you view and live your life, and I'm sad that I couldn't give you any special gift before you leave because time is limited and tied that I couldn't move away from my campus life. I know you missed me too and you will! You said that. I'll keep everything you gave me and I swear I won't lose it. Thank you for everything. Keep me in your memory, don't you ever erase me in your life. We will meet again someday. God bless you :*