Saturday, 28 February 2015


Do you ever felt hard to sleep even though you are so sleepy?? Or you wanna sleep but you just can't sleep??
I'm not calling it insomnia.. it might be but it wouldn't happen everyday.. as I do now. There's a psychology facts saying that if you couldn't sleep it means your brain is thinking about something or maybe you just missed someone which makes you awake at night or that particular person is either thinking or missing you.

Yeah.. true that. I'm having heartache now missing someone which causing me awake and couldn't fall asleep. Damn you who was in my mind. You made my night worst! *sigh*
I had read something which goes like this, 
"if you couldn't sleep, it may indicate you are actually awake in someone's dream" 
Oh God. I wonder whose dream is that. Having me? Might be interesting if that thing is really exist. Haha

Anyway... days goes by, there's not even a minute of time wasted without thinking about someone whom I really missed. These times are hard aye?? Sometimes it is priority matters. So I understand. Just hoping it won't be sucks.
And...yes. to be honest.. I really miss getting this cute text from the one who I won't mention his name or his look but I do miss him. A lot. :)