Monday, 5 January 2015


2015. We just left 2014 behind. It was last year. Yeah. Cool.. I guess I can still wish you guys a happy new year! Better late than never right? :D
Anyway.. 2014 was such a great year. Its not a bad year for me though. Its just not the best year for me. I've been through a lot in 2014. Happiness, sadness, madness, spoiled, love and what so ever. I didnt feel it was a long period year. I know we just have 365 days in a year and it will never change but I just felt that 2014 is kinda a short period of time. The last year I have "teen" on my number of age.

Anyway... While writing this entry... I'm counting the moment to be sweet 20! OMG. 20 dahhhhh!!! Not yet old. Still young but... hmm sounds like I'm getting older you know. Yea we all do. Happy birthday to me. Haha

So some people ask me what is my "azam" for this year. Hmm.. a lot. Seriously a lot. I dont know if I could do it and have it all this year but I will try to make it happen, insyaAllah. Of course I wanna be a better person as I grow up. Won't mention what it is all about. Just make it general. ;)
And since January is my bless birthday month, I wish you all there a happy new year life, may you all found your happiness and will go through a great experience too as well. Oh yes, HAPPY BIRTHDAY for those whom share the birthday month with me -especially my nephew, a day after me and the other 2 niece too. God bless :*


Anis Ifham said...

good luck with your 2015 life. muehehehe. never see you posted in malay lerh.

Asna Hj Abdullah said...

Haha. thx Anis!