Wednesday, 19 November 2014

That Moment

Sometimes in life... you just missed the things you've had done. The sweet things happened to you and stays as your lovely moment.. I do now.

The moment you have created with someone that gives you something to remember, which means it is special though actually you are not together anymore.. For me, I miss the feelings. How I feel warmth, comfortable and sure I want it to happen again but maybe not with the same person..

Here's the story..
I could give you a picture of us the first time we met. How, what and why he intrigued me. I still remember every single detail of our first conversation. I could express the feeling I once had. That special person yeah, teach me a lot of things I never expected before.
I do still have the things he gave me. I keep it still. In a place that no one would know where and what it is. I remember that moment very well. The song he sang for me, the jokes he made, the smile which melt my heart all the time and the expression he copied from me. I miss that moment so much.. so much :)
Distance is not a problem but sometimes it does drive me nuts. How I really wish I could turn the time again whenever I want. Every places we went together is still there in my eyes. Everytime I see those place I could still sees us there. Sitting on bench under the tree, looking up pointing the star, sharing our life stories... not doing such a big thing but it was just us and the surroundings. I love that.
I get jealous, I get mad, I cried... we've been through all that shit. I miss that too. Especially that moment he came to me and saying those words... Just in one blink, he get my smile back. :)
I know this post is kinda emotional. It does right? :p
Never mind then, I just can't throw away that feeling. It will come back once in awhile. Hehe
What's under the star.. stays under the star.. 

How I really wish I would have experience those thing again with hmm..another person now... ;p

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