Wednesday, 5 November 2014


Hola people!
Currently enjoying my vacay-holiday time at home for a month and it's been 2 weeks since I wrote this entry. Yeah, semester break. :)

Okay.. you know when you are in a situation which actually you don't need money from anybody but they seek your help where you have to sacrifice your time and attention to give them a hand? It's not fair for you if you doing it for free. Kinda like they stealing your time. Time is limited. Precious. Gold! You can't go back to the past even just 1 second ago. Plus, when you doing something which need your attention or focus, you might use a lot of energy. Physically or mentally. Brain and hand. You need to think and type or write. Something like that.  It's not worth!!

So here I am handling this situation which makes me more cautious to these kind of people. I hate it. I wasted my time helping this person and he haven't pay me yet. Look, I don't need the money but this is kind of a business. You have to pay if you want something. According to the situation I'm in, it was a deal. A deal made with payment included. Seriously money don't matter at all to me but the thing is IT'S NOT FAIR! Can you get me? That person must pay me for my time and my energy I had used to helped him.

I've been so nice to this person. Well, my mistake. I shouldn't. At all. This is a lesson for me not to be nice to all people around me. Shouldn't be.
Furthermore, this person hasn't know me well. I forgive him for what he done but I won't forget and I might be mean to him next time. Just wait for now. But if he doesn't show up, God know what will I do. And when I really do, he must regret. I'm very sure that.
So dude, just wanna give you some sort of advice.. I don't know if you'll read this. You might not. But I don't care. Who knows your friend read it.

1. Next time, don't skip all the classes unless you're sick or emergency. 

2. Be on time, punctual and don't late. If you couldn't make it sharp on time, make sure it won't be super late. 10 minutes maximum. Acceptable. 

3. Respect lecturers and classmates. The lecturer may come late but they won't be super duper late. They are lecturer. Having another class before maybe or meeting or something. If they can make it on time, why don't you? And please respect your classmates. They've been waiting for the lecturer to start the session. If you come late, you actually distract them while they are focusing in front and you might spoil the lecturer's mood. It's a fact! Have respect.

4. Concentrate in class. Focus! Focus! Focus! I'm not saying I'm a very good student. NO. But all students must focus in class. The lecturer teach you a lot of thing you didn't know. Maybe you know but you didn't understand. So focus. You might lose important message or detail once you did something else behind. If you can't remember all the notes, write it on your book or save it on your phone. No excuses.

5. Don't trouble your classmates. It is okay if you save your friends number. In case if you need them to help you regarding studies or emergencies. But please don't trouble them. They have their own time. Own space. Ask nicely first and don't force them. It's your fault if you missed details in class when you actually didnt focused!

So boy, I know you have a very high level of stupidity followed by your ego. I understand that much since you are not mature yet..but still, you are not a kid anymore. You are already in a University. So please behave!

This advices is not just for the person I meant but also a reminder for me myself and for all student. As long as you're a student, please take note okay.
Have a nice day. ^^

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