Saturday, 11 October 2014

Door knocked

Holla everybody.. happy october!

Hmm... after quite a long time living in the current place here, I never experience the door been knocked early in the morning where usually we all still on bed hugging bear or pillow, dreaming under the blanket... at 3 am. -,-

I don't know if you guys experienced it before. This is my first time. I woke up in a shock! Seriously I thought it was my neighbour's door so I ignored but then the sound of door knocking became louder followed by men's voices. Voices. Yes they are more than 1 person. I was so afraid (panic a little bit too).

Knowing these days lot more bad things happen right? Physically and mentally shocked for awhile. I decided not to open the door but they kept on knocking the door. I was so distracted at the moment. Well, I did had an intention to call the security. I reached my phone but I didn't make a call. Mind changed. I straight away open the door and 3 men standing in front of my door and said

"Laaa...perempuan..." 1st men said

"Adik ni student ke?" 2nd men asked and I said yes.......and the conversation went long..

To sum up, they were here actually looking for boys, I guess students maybe, because they had received a called saying there was a brawl engaged at the block I'm staying. Erghhh wtf =.="
Lastly they apologized for disturbing me. Well yeah, really they were..but as long as it is not something bad so I consider to accept it as a respectation for their duties even though its really spoiling me. Hmm.. its okay lar.
Now.. while writing on this blog, I couldn't get back to sleep. My eyes became so wide open. Haihhh... apa nak buat nehh???? *crying smiley insert*

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