Friday, 26 September 2014

Understand Nothing

Any student whom are currently pursuing study in a University which already passing through the 1st semester... will have one spoil subject per total subject they are taking. Agree??

This is what happen to me. Every semester, it must be one subject I don't like. Yes I did perform well but I just have no interest. Why? Because I don't understand what the hell the lecturer saying. -.-'
I, the most cute girl here :p....sitting on a chair in a computer lab on the first row and accessing my mobile phone while the lecturer keep on talking things I understand nothing. No it's not about the language barrier. I do understand the lecturer's english. It's about the topic. I mean yeah the subject. Previously I always end up drawing on my notebook. Sketching, writing lyrics, creating poems and songs playing in my head.

From the beginning till now I absolutely understand nothing. Assignment? Not yet touch. Haha awaiting the idea comes to me and say "here I am baby, take me take me!!!". Lol. I wish I have my own doraemon here to help me to overcome this shit. Hoho :p

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