Sunday, 28 September 2014

The Weekend Journey

Hi all.. As I mentioned on the late post, I was planning to go out for awhile right? So I did. :)

As for today.. I went out at 10 something in the morning, well almost 11am actually. Hoho. The journey begun by taxi from home to KTM straight away to KL Sentral. Then, by LRT to KLCC. My first intention was to redeem the gift for the member of Sephora. Then, wanna have some fun visiting the sea creatures in Aquaria because I don't know why I'm craving to watch the shark and the other fish. Haha

Usually I only watch these kind of creatures on tv but today I make it real! I saw the shark right in front of me dude! *excited sound insert* Well... in my home town we do have a museum. I mean  we do have a marine museum but not a lot of fish being display in real there. No real shark of course. There just have a small aquarium which only the small or medium-small fish can swim and dive inside. Wait. What? Dive? Do the fish diving? Hahahaha ok what ever. But yeah the special thing is, in that museum, a baby whale skeleton being display. Huge! The visitors are not allowed to touch it of course (but I did touch it so many times. haha).

Anyway... seems this is the first time I went to a big aquarium in Malaysia which has the longest underwater tunnel inside, I'd like to share you guys the pictures I've taken. Come, have a look!

This is the first area the pictures were taken

This fish looks like a crocodile. Look at it's mouth.

Well..what can I say, selfie is must!

No sharky don't eat me!!

Uuuuu....small fishhh....

Okay.. moving ahead, I'm gonna show you the pictures while I was passing through the underwater tunnel.

Can you guys see that?? It's the sharkkkkk!!!!! *excited sound insert once more* 
Those shark is not a huge shark. They're just big. Yes of course the size the visitors will see is 30% small from their exact size. So, can you imagine? They are big!

Nice teeth sharky :*

This shark is freaking handsome!!!!

The big stingray is on the wayyy.....

While walking through....You can see those fish swimming above your head. Clearly you can see them like face to face lar.. haha. Lol. Actually, I was in a shock when I saw a big stingray passing my head through because suddenly the place I was standing became dark like something is cover your head above. Then, I took a look and.. hell yeah.. it's stingray!! Big stingray.

Cute face stingray!! ;D

Say hi.... Ohh, this is another type of stingray. Sorry don't know your name fish!

 Smiley stingray ;)

It's the baby shark surrounded by the other species fish.. Friends maybe ;p

Yeah, Shark againn!!

Photo-bomb detected! Stone fish was right behind my back dude..selfie gtu lorhh xD

If you notice, this fish is a bit weird. Spot the weirdos!

Tiny sea horse!

 And we have......Jelly-melly! Haha 

The jaws of different type of Shark

Okay guys, say "Aaaaaaa"...

And what we have here...

With the shark fin!

First, lemme take a selfie!

 Below is the Megalodon shark's..

Obviously the Megalodon shark can swallow a whole white shark according to the history and here I am posing and you, imagine how small was I compared to the white shark..

Seeking the extinct of Megalodon Shark..the history display here. 

Illustration of a Megalodon shark 1.6 million years ago

Another replica of shark

Okay! That's all what you can see, a part of the Aquaria in KLCC. Fish and some other sea creatures. I'm only focusing my camera to most of the big fish like shark and those photos above but if you guys go there, it has to be a lot of thing to see and learn. This is just a part of the Aquaria. guys may click on the link above I've given to check all the details about the events, open-close time, price for visitors and whatsoever . Before that, if you guys willing to go here, it has to be a long walk from the C level in the KLCC building. Whoever wanted to go after seeing these photos I've uploaded, I suggest not to go alone but bring your company along. It's gonna be more fun! 

By the way, it is not just meeting the sea creatures here.. because when I was on my way back, I spotted a guy...and I guess most of you know who is he..


Mr Sazali Samad, Malaysian body builder!! A.k.a abang sado dalam bahasa melayunyer. hahaha. Sporting abang sado kita neh! (please ignore my crop-face me I have to do that for the sake of humanity. *I'm taller than him so by cropping my face won't make him "tenggelam" in the picture*) hehe...

Oh yes, I did mention about shopping on the previous post didn't I? hehe.. Well... I'm a girl who hardly say NO to shopping. Yes! I did waste my money on shopping here in KLCC. Those store really drive me crazy so here it is....

No no no.. that bag is not what I had purchased today. It's the shoe, Vincci where I spent my money on. *grin*

Alright! That's all for this time. Will update more soon if I got my spare-bored time! and THANK YOU for spending me your time reading these entry today. ;)

Much Love, XO

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