Saturday, 27 September 2014

Out For Awhile

I've been so busy this month. My schedule is tight, gotta rush for everything. Assignments, presentation, exam's preparation and so on..

Even though certain thing hasn't complete yet but I decide to give some space to myself enjoying the moment outside of the campus life for awhile. A day is enough since I still need to settle down things I haven't done.

Yes, next week all muslims will be celebrating the Eid Ul-Adha and yeap I won't be back home but will celebrate it with the other family instead. Alhamdulillah. This is the 2nd time celebrating adha far away from my biological family. Priceless experience. ;)

Anyway, back to the title above.. these day I have lost my appetite, sleep less, restless and just got 70% of energy level. Not full enough! Thank God still survive. Hoho
Instead of resting at home... I was planning to go out this weekend. Relaxing my mind to have a look on my surroundings just for a day. Destination that I've chosen is KLCC. Shopping? Not sure if I'll do some :p

But it is more just looking around, going to sephora to redeem my gift. Then...  Wanna have some fun with various type of sea creatures in Aquaria..

All I can say is now it is nice to spend my time like this. Being alone is not the problem. This is me-time. Well actually I did invite some of my pal but all of them couldn't make it. It doesn't bother me anyway. The plan will be going ahead! ^^
Alright. Will update again soon. 

Much love, :**

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