Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Say something..

Hi all ^^

All of you must already heard the song "say something" featuring Christina Aguilera right? Well.. this post is not related to that song ;)

However.. Just got chance today to update this blog of mine after few weeks didn't show up. So today... I'm gonna show something but before that I hereby introduce you to my special-best-friend. Yeahh he is someone special to me but of course not more than that.
Okay. Straight to the point. It's been a year I know this guy. The one whom very close to me so far. Here. He had finish his degree and now just waiting for the convo and then he'll fly away from Malaysia. *Good bye buddy* :D

I don't want to explain further about our relationship because here, people oftenly sees us hanging out together so you know the spreading rumours is normal for us. Just that I would like to share you the cheeky-bad-matured-crazy-guy I know whom always thought me about how life is. For him as personal view, I am a girl whom always makes him remember the things he had done in his life. Not much but priceless experience as he still young. He loves bad-mean-jokes but he didn't jokes with me cause I'm a bit differ than the other girl who only can stick to him through whatever. Lol :p
Afterall I didn't say much about him to anyone except my best friend. So today since he'll not here anymore, not yet die, still alive but just far away from me.. I would like to say that....
I miss him!!

"Setiap pertemuan ada perpisahan" which I strongly believe on this. He's a good speaker if you wanna share anything or seeking an advice. Not knowing when will we could hanging out together next time if he won't be here again. I know that's the worst part living in the different country. 
No sad stories. He's one of my best memory. Sometimes I just don't know and don't even remember how can I know this guy. 
So first... lemme show you his selfie. Haha.

He's NOT a pakistan nor arabic :)

Name? Alaa no need to know laa. Well if any of you meet this guy, just run away. He's a bit dangerous. ;)