Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Mom's fish curry

Hello all.. 

Hows your day? Hope everyone have a great time.

Well..its already a month plus I've been here after came back from my hometown. Hmm.. these few days I hardly fall asleep. Dunno why. I did my assignment (well still doing it actually) till late at night and got tired of classes. Then, there was one night I'm in a deep sleep and dreamt bout my home..

One of my fav food is fish curry made  by my mom. Well, fish curry is a must menu in my family. You know, my dad is a half indian on his paternal side so curry is a must dishes for dinner or lunch. Every week, at least once a week mesti ada curry punyaa.. haha. *geleng kepala sikit :p*
So, that time I will keep on complaining "hari2 fish curry. Mom can u change?" And mom will said 
"ask your abah la. He's the one whom decide what to eat. Mama masak saja". Hmm. Thats my mom. She is a masterchef to me. She's very good in cooking. Can't deny that but the thing is she hate to decide what dish to cook for lunch or dinner everyday unless she feels like she wanna eat something so she'll make it. Almost of the time, my dad is the decider. So yeah, fish curry is on the top of the list!

Even though fish curry is always the main menu, I still couldn't escape. I have to eat it. 1st is because, the fish is my fav. 2nd is I'm not interested with another dish. 3rd is I dunno what else to eat. Hahah. Sometimes I get bored you know. Ye lar, hari2 kari kan.. -.-
But since I live far far far away from my mom and dad.. I rarely eat any curry dishes. 1st because the kuah is so cair, x pekat mcm mom's. 2nd I want my mom's curry. 3rd I miss my mom's curry. Huhuu.. 

So back to the previous line, that night I dreamt about my home and family. We had a family gathering at home and that time my mom was making a fish curry. It was soooooooo yummmeehhh!! I could feel the taste of babas rempah ratus, spicy, fresh fish.. pergh! Heaven baby!! After I had finished it all, suddenly I woke up and hungry. The funny thing is, once I woke up from the beautiful and equisite dream over the night, I could smell and feel the aroma of my mom's fish curry. Ohh...amazing!!

Hmmm waktu tu barulah nyesal sbb asyik complaint. Whenever I tell my mom bout this, she'll said "haa tu la. Dulu complaint. Skrg pndai rindu!" Hahah. Ok mom. My bad. So now, klu nk balik ja mmg request fish curry. Hahahh.. lol :p


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