Thursday, 13 March 2014


What happen to this world actually today? The weather is so terrible. Sometimes its too hot. But then becomes too cold! Its like winter but now its like living in the gurun sahara you know!  subhanallah. Only Allah know all these.

Since last week, it was very hot. Thank God my new home is not. Maybe you may just feel hot at first but then as if you see the trees, the buildings.. it was all covered by the hazzy haze. Blurry view. Its getting worst day by day. As a human being, we should have drink a lot of water. Double in daily! Triple should be the best. I'm also feel hard to breath. Something in my throat. Got headache easily. Oh my ... Allahuakbar!!

Ever since this hazzy haze problem comes up, the people here especially in Selangor area didn't get the water supply. Simply because it has been 3 months without rain! How bad isn't? I hope everyone okay. I mean, still can survive right?

Hmm... I don't have much to say. So that's it! Hope everyone take this positively. May Allah bless and protect us all. Aamiinn..


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