Thursday, 13 March 2014


What happen to this world actually today? The weather is so terrible. Sometimes its too hot. But then becomes too cold! Its like winter but now its like living in the gurun sahara you know!  subhanallah. Only Allah know all these.

Since last week, it was very hot. Thank God my new home is not. Maybe you may just feel hot at first but then as if you see the trees, the buildings.. it was all covered by the hazzy haze. Blurry view. Its getting worst day by day. As a human being, we should have drink a lot of water. Double in daily! Triple should be the best. I'm also feel hard to breath. Something in my throat. Got headache easily. Oh my ... Allahuakbar!!

Ever since this hazzy haze problem comes up, the people here especially in Selangor area didn't get the water supply. Simply because it has been 3 months without rain! How bad isn't? I hope everyone okay. I mean, still can survive right?

Hmm... I don't have much to say. So that's it! Hope everyone take this positively. May Allah bless and protect us all. Aamiinn..


Monday, 10 March 2014

Pray For MH370 MAS

It has been 3 days the mystery of the lost air plane from KL to Beijing has not reach the ending. It is so sad that the flight of Malaysia Airlines (MAS) is not yet found.

The news says that there are 11 malaysian's people whom involved in that tragedy while the rest is foreigners. This is one of the sad tragedy to all of Malaysian especially for those who have  relatives involved. I've heard a real sad story from my lecturer said that his close relatives was in the particular flight were intend to visit her husband in Beijing but end up with this sad tragedy. I saw my lecturer was very sad. Glad he could come and be here with us. May God safe them all. Safe the plane, safe the people there. I know God knows best.

I'm also touched because of the other country whom also had involved in this case, help on searching and looking for the lost plane. Thank you so much. May God bless us all.
Meanwhile, there are few people who love to create such a shit rumors says that this tragedy is very coherent with politics, sins, jokes, and irresponsible pilot and flight attendants. Why are you guys are so stupid?? There's no need to blame the company, or the pilot, flight attendants or the cabin crew and even the passengers!! This is God's fate! There must be a reason behind! No need to blame anyone peeps. Please. Be matured!! Don't you think about the family who had lost their relatives?? Can you please put yourself into their shoes?? Mind your business ok. If you don't want to care about it, so don't even think, don't even say anything! And for those who loves to create a FAKE rumors, please think wise. No one wanna loose their loves one. Please lar people. Please!!
This matter makes me double sad. Sad with the tragedy and sad with those crazy people who are not put the brain on the right place.

Anyway, there is also no use if we still bla bla bla on this without praying. For those yg masih tak tahu tu, please get the updated news from the right source k! Don't be easily fooled by the stupid human being.

Today, my University will have a big event which is "solat hajat for MH370". Hope to see everyone there. Lets pray. Never stop until this case is end.