Friday, 14 February 2014

Sleeping Baby Boo

I have posted about my baby boo Jude on the late post right?
Jude or Boy is a 8 month baby boy. He's a very active baby and the biggest among the rest (his tight is very yummeh!! Tough body!). Once he wake up, usually after drink his milk, he'll never stop playing. We gotta always keep our eyes on him. He could running all over the place (not actually run but crawling) if we let him go. Despite he's very active, he still could not balance his body when he tried to sit. As my mom said, "you better watch out cause he did not care if he wanted to land his head anywhere!" Yeah. Thats true.

Then, you know 8 month old is the phase where the baby are trying to learn to stand up (for normal babies). So thats what he is doing now. He never afraid the risk of falling to the ground, or banging his head on something he's stand on. So naughty little boy!
He's unique to me by the way. It is because of his sleeping style. He got so many pose of sleeping even in the baby swing! I lie him down in the baby swing normally like the other baby. If he doesn't want to sleep (even he is so sleepy), he'll move in swing. He turn his body to the right or left, lie face downwards, sometimes he wake up and sit in the swing! -.-'
I'd never seen a baby like that before. Well, I have 5 nephews and 3 nieces. None of them were like that.
Sleeping baby sleeping ... :p

Sleeping giant. Haha 


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