Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Sayanggg Boboii

Hi all!!
Now my mom is incharge being a babysitter or should I say a nanny?? Hmm kinda like that lar. Hehe
She has 4 babies and 2 kids to look after every monday to friday. One of the babies which is Boboi (yeah a boy), is my fav. I choose to look after him all the time. Hehe
He is so chubby, he'so naughty little boy, and rugged. Crawling over here and there, his hand won't stop from reaching anything he could reach out to, climbing others body especially me when I lie down. He would crawl upon me, bite my cheek, bite my hand, pinch me with his bambam hand, make noisy voice.. ohh I am so into him. Hahaha. Yeah, I love kids too much. He is non-muslim anyway.
Wanna see him?? Bring your eyes down!

Tadaaa !!
This is him. His real name is Pharrel Jude. Sometimes I call him Jude.

This is him while sleeping. So cute isn't?? :D

I love you Pharrel Jude. Even though you're non-muslim, my love is still yours. Religion would not stop me from loving any kids I met. Hehe

But you know handling so many kids sometimes drive me crazy too. Right hand, left hand, eyes and ears should be in a very good condition. Alert! You may be careless if you didn't keep your eyes on 'em. Yeah I'm so tired. Couldn't deny that but I really enjoy the moment. Kids are awesome. Different child, different character. Sometimes when I'm so tired, I'll sleep before the kids. Hahah.. lain yg kena buai lain yg tido ye dok? Hoho.. It'll happen when I really really exhausted only lar. :p

That was baby sitters always do right? Anyway, will write again to you soon! :*


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