Thursday, 13 February 2014

High Heels

Do you love high heels? I know most of the girls obsessed with it. (That's me!!)
I do have heels. Wedges, flat, sandals. I usually wear my heels when I'm going to attend a wedding ceremony, formal event or party (not a high party but just a simple celebration). Sometimes, I'll borrow heels from my sissy. Actually I begged her to let me use it. Haha :p
One day.. my bro came to my house. We had some barbeque, you gathering. There's a space when I was looking for heels from the Alfio Raldo's catalogue. Then my bro came sit beside me. His wife and my sis was there too.
Bro : Ana tengok apa?
Me : catalogue. 
Bro : Mau beli apa? Bag? Kasut?
Me : high heels. Tp klu dpt beli bag skali pun best jua. Haha
Bro : Eh. Adang. Beli heels lg? Brp inch?
Me : Ne nah. Lawa kan?? (I showed him a 5 inch heels)
Bro : 5 inch? Tinggi suda ko tu. Pakai heels 5 inch lg. Makin tinggi tu. Bukan sudah beli ka haritu?
Me : Tu wedges. Ne heels. Lain jua kali aa.
Bro : Sama jua tu namanya kasut. Heels ne lagi la tinggi.
His wife : Eh biar la bha. Namanya jua bini-bini. 
My sis : Awu bha. Lawa jua tu kasut tinggi. Jadi lagi tinggi. 
Me : *Silent* ....
Bro : Awu la. Sudah tinggi kan pakai tingi-tinggi lagi. Inda sangal ka batis?
His wife : sangal jua la mun batah-batah makai. Tapi mun kan makai inda jua salah kali aa. 
My sis : Banar tu. Kami pun kan membali jua ne. Bukan si Ana saja. 
Bro : Bha hantam tah kamu. Bali tah. Janji bahagia. Jangan saja tejelupuk mun bejalan karang.
His wife : Nada kan tejulupuk mun bejalan usai2. Bahapakan.. 
My sis : Awu eh. Control plang mun bejalan. Jangan jua lalai.

Then my mom came in..
Me : Makkk... Ana mau ne makk.. *showing her the picture with my cute face*
Mom :  Kasut tinggi lagi?
Me : Hehe ...
Bro : Tak cukup tinggi kali anak bongsu mama ne. 
His wife : Bukannya pasal nda cukup tinggi yangg.. kan begaya bah. 
Bro : Nda jua kan begaya nganya pakai kasut tinggi. Flat pun buleh jua kali.
My sis : Eh ko lelaki. Mana ko tau.
Me : ......... ? (Asking myself why are they keep on debating bout heels?)
Mom : adik mau ne? Bha tulis lah. Mama pun kan bali kasut.
Me : hihii... *wide smile*
Bro : Mama pun kan bali kasut jua?
Mom : Iyalah.
Bro : Bha hantam tah kamu bini-bini. -.-'

These are the conversation between me, my brother, his wife, my sis and my mom. At the end, we were all purchased a pair of shoes. Including my bro. Haha lol :p
Sorry if some of you didn't understand some of the words I wrote above cause in my family, we use malay *brunei accent* as our mother tongue. So for those yang tak faham tu maaflah yer. Hehe
Last year, I just wore a pair of wedges and a pair of flat on eid but this year, I'll get two pairs of high heels and a pair of flat shoe for myself!! Hahaha still hoping I can get more than two! :p
I know there are bad effect of heels on women but for me, I still want to have it cause I won't use it daily. I rarely use it. Yeah as I said, only if I'm going to any special event. Its because, flat is still my 1st choice. Hee. (Security reason. Haha)
look!! Isn't that beautiful?? 

Well, this is not mine. I just tried it. hehehh 

Hmm. Can't wait to have it but now I'm still looking for the design I really want. Hopefully I can have it before eid!! Hoho :p


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