Friday, 14 February 2014

Sleeping Baby Boo

I have posted about my baby boo Jude on the late post right?
Jude or Boy is a 8 month baby boy. He's a very active baby and the biggest among the rest (his tight is very yummeh!! Tough body!). Once he wake up, usually after drink his milk, he'll never stop playing. We gotta always keep our eyes on him. He could running all over the place (not actually run but crawling) if we let him go. Despite he's very active, he still could not balance his body when he tried to sit. As my mom said, "you better watch out cause he did not care if he wanted to land his head anywhere!" Yeah. Thats true.

Then, you know 8 month old is the phase where the baby are trying to learn to stand up (for normal babies). So thats what he is doing now. He never afraid the risk of falling to the ground, or banging his head on something he's stand on. So naughty little boy!
He's unique to me by the way. It is because of his sleeping style. He got so many pose of sleeping even in the baby swing! I lie him down in the baby swing normally like the other baby. If he doesn't want to sleep (even he is so sleepy), he'll move in swing. He turn his body to the right or left, lie face downwards, sometimes he wake up and sit in the swing! -.-'
I'd never seen a baby like that before. Well, I have 5 nephews and 3 nieces. None of them were like that.
Sleeping baby sleeping ... :p

Sleeping giant. Haha 


Thursday, 13 February 2014

High Heels

Do you love high heels? I know most of the girls obsessed with it. (That's me!!)
I do have heels. Wedges, flat, sandals. I usually wear my heels when I'm going to attend a wedding ceremony, formal event or party (not a high party but just a simple celebration). Sometimes, I'll borrow heels from my sissy. Actually I begged her to let me use it. Haha :p
One day.. my bro came to my house. We had some barbeque, you gathering. There's a space when I was looking for heels from the Alfio Raldo's catalogue. Then my bro came sit beside me. His wife and my sis was there too.
Bro : Ana tengok apa?
Me : catalogue. 
Bro : Mau beli apa? Bag? Kasut?
Me : high heels. Tp klu dpt beli bag skali pun best jua. Haha
Bro : Eh. Adang. Beli heels lg? Brp inch?
Me : Ne nah. Lawa kan?? (I showed him a 5 inch heels)
Bro : 5 inch? Tinggi suda ko tu. Pakai heels 5 inch lg. Makin tinggi tu. Bukan sudah beli ka haritu?
Me : Tu wedges. Ne heels. Lain jua kali aa.
Bro : Sama jua tu namanya kasut. Heels ne lagi la tinggi.
His wife : Eh biar la bha. Namanya jua bini-bini. 
My sis : Awu bha. Lawa jua tu kasut tinggi. Jadi lagi tinggi. 
Me : *Silent* ....
Bro : Awu la. Sudah tinggi kan pakai tingi-tinggi lagi. Inda sangal ka batis?
His wife : sangal jua la mun batah-batah makai. Tapi mun kan makai inda jua salah kali aa. 
My sis : Banar tu. Kami pun kan membali jua ne. Bukan si Ana saja. 
Bro : Bha hantam tah kamu. Bali tah. Janji bahagia. Jangan saja tejelupuk mun bejalan karang.
His wife : Nada kan tejulupuk mun bejalan usai2. Bahapakan.. 
My sis : Awu eh. Control plang mun bejalan. Jangan jua lalai.

Then my mom came in..
Me : Makkk... Ana mau ne makk.. *showing her the picture with my cute face*
Mom :  Kasut tinggi lagi?
Me : Hehe ...
Bro : Tak cukup tinggi kali anak bongsu mama ne. 
His wife : Bukannya pasal nda cukup tinggi yangg.. kan begaya bah. 
Bro : Nda jua kan begaya nganya pakai kasut tinggi. Flat pun buleh jua kali.
My sis : Eh ko lelaki. Mana ko tau.
Me : ......... ? (Asking myself why are they keep on debating bout heels?)
Mom : adik mau ne? Bha tulis lah. Mama pun kan bali kasut.
Me : hihii... *wide smile*
Bro : Mama pun kan bali kasut jua?
Mom : Iyalah.
Bro : Bha hantam tah kamu bini-bini. -.-'

These are the conversation between me, my brother, his wife, my sis and my mom. At the end, we were all purchased a pair of shoes. Including my bro. Haha lol :p
Sorry if some of you didn't understand some of the words I wrote above cause in my family, we use malay *brunei accent* as our mother tongue. So for those yang tak faham tu maaflah yer. Hehe
Last year, I just wore a pair of wedges and a pair of flat on eid but this year, I'll get two pairs of high heels and a pair of flat shoe for myself!! Hahaha still hoping I can get more than two! :p
I know there are bad effect of heels on women but for me, I still want to have it cause I won't use it daily. I rarely use it. Yeah as I said, only if I'm going to any special event. Its because, flat is still my 1st choice. Hee. (Security reason. Haha)
look!! Isn't that beautiful?? 

Well, this is not mine. I just tried it. hehehh 

Hmm. Can't wait to have it but now I'm still looking for the design I really want. Hopefully I can have it before eid!! Hoho :p


Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Sayanggg Boboii

Hi all!!
Now my mom is incharge being a babysitter or should I say a nanny?? Hmm kinda like that lar. Hehe
She has 4 babies and 2 kids to look after every monday to friday. One of the babies which is Boboi (yeah a boy), is my fav. I choose to look after him all the time. Hehe
He is so chubby, he'so naughty little boy, and rugged. Crawling over here and there, his hand won't stop from reaching anything he could reach out to, climbing others body especially me when I lie down. He would crawl upon me, bite my cheek, bite my hand, pinch me with his bambam hand, make noisy voice.. ohh I am so into him. Hahaha. Yeah, I love kids too much. He is non-muslim anyway.
Wanna see him?? Bring your eyes down!

Tadaaa !!
This is him. His real name is Pharrel Jude. Sometimes I call him Jude.

This is him while sleeping. So cute isn't?? :D

I love you Pharrel Jude. Even though you're non-muslim, my love is still yours. Religion would not stop me from loving any kids I met. Hehe

But you know handling so many kids sometimes drive me crazy too. Right hand, left hand, eyes and ears should be in a very good condition. Alert! You may be careless if you didn't keep your eyes on 'em. Yeah I'm so tired. Couldn't deny that but I really enjoy the moment. Kids are awesome. Different child, different character. Sometimes when I'm so tired, I'll sleep before the kids. Hahah.. lain yg kena buai lain yg tido ye dok? Hoho.. It'll happen when I really really exhausted only lar. :p

That was baby sitters always do right? Anyway, will write again to you soon! :*