Thursday, 23 January 2014


I know I just gotta let it go .. I should've known I gotta learn to say goodbye now.. I throw my armour down and leave the battleground for the final time now.. cause I know I'm running from a warzone..

Don't you blame me. Don't even ask. I'll never look back... You're the reason we started this fight.


This fight is not over. Yet hasn't reach the ending. Just throw the weapon away and go, don't you ever stay. Its not worth for me and you either. Just keep me safe in your memory. Don't you ever forget me. I am still here walkin away even there's no destination I've plan to go to cause I'm just..

I'm running from a warzone..
A warzone between us..

Just don't try to make it right. I'm leaving the battleground now. Walkin away step by step but if you still want me ... I'll never let you walk through the door of the bottom of my heart so you won't hurt me anymore. 

I know and I should've known.. earlier.. I just gotta let it go. Should've learn to say goodbye forever..

I'm running from a warzone ...

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