Saturday, 25 January 2014


Lately I'm not in a good condition. Got flu, headache, loss appetite and weak. Last two days, when I woke up I felt my body was very weak. Its hurt on the back. I thought my body was just too tired so I take a long rest without doing nothing but just sleep.

Yesterday, the weather here was so cold. Its 25°C. I slept with jacket and blankets. I was so cold! Then I realize my body temperature was high. Then, early in the morning, suddenly Acon asked me "eh whats wrong with your face? So red!" I was shocked. Yeah, rash. Rashes on my face! That is so bad. Then on that day in the morning, I went to a government clinic in Mantin with one of my housemate, Andi. She accompany me all the time. I was so nervous and afraid if something bad happen to me because lately there are more students had detected by dengue. Yea, rashes is one of the symptom.

When I met a doctor there, I explained her every single detail of what had happened to me. She checked me, read my body temperature and know what? My body was so hot until it reach 39°C! she said there's nothing to worry about because the rashes I had is the effect of my tonsillitis and high body temperature. Tonsillitis! Alhamdulillah its not aedes virus. The doctor suggest me to drink a lot lot lot of water to reduce the heat in my body.

Now I drink a lot of water. Less eat because I've lost my appetite. Since I've eaten the medicine I had given, I feel no longer weak and the heat in my body reduce and not as bad as yesterday. Btw after I got back from my examination, I took a rest. Suddenly I felt my stomach hurt and I ran to the toilet. I felt very bad and then I've vomitted. Then when I exit the toilet I couldn't feel my step. My eyes was so blur but I just continue walking and suddenly I fell to the ground. Pitam!! That was my first experience. But then I tried as hard as I can to move to my bed. Alhamdulillah I could make it. I didn't told my mom bout that. I don't want her to worry about me.
But still, the rashes on my face is so itchy. Even now it has reduce. Then I spotted rashes on my back. Around my shoulder and neck. Was so itchy too. My mom and the doctor said it was the effect of the heat in my body. Hmm.. I hope I'll get better when it comes to monday cause I'll be going home that day.

Thank God, Alhamdulillah. I'm okay now. Much better. ;)


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