Saturday, 25 January 2014


Lately I'm not in a good condition. Got flu, headache, loss appetite and weak. Last two days, when I woke up I felt my body was very weak. Its hurt on the back. I thought my body was just too tired so I take a long rest without doing nothing but just sleep.

Yesterday, the weather here was so cold. Its 25°C. I slept with jacket and blankets. I was so cold! Then I realize my body temperature was high. Then, early in the morning, suddenly Acon asked me "eh whats wrong with your face? So red!" I was shocked. Yeah, rash. Rashes on my face! That is so bad. Then on that day in the morning, I went to a government clinic in Mantin with one of my housemate, Andi. She accompany me all the time. I was so nervous and afraid if something bad happen to me because lately there are more students had detected by dengue. Yea, rashes is one of the symptom.

When I met a doctor there, I explained her every single detail of what had happened to me. She checked me, read my body temperature and know what? My body was so hot until it reach 39°C! she said there's nothing to worry about because the rashes I had is the effect of my tonsillitis and high body temperature. Tonsillitis! Alhamdulillah its not aedes virus. The doctor suggest me to drink a lot lot lot of water to reduce the heat in my body.

Now I drink a lot of water. Less eat because I've lost my appetite. Since I've eaten the medicine I had given, I feel no longer weak and the heat in my body reduce and not as bad as yesterday. Btw after I got back from my examination, I took a rest. Suddenly I felt my stomach hurt and I ran to the toilet. I felt very bad and then I've vomitted. Then when I exit the toilet I couldn't feel my step. My eyes was so blur but I just continue walking and suddenly I fell to the ground. Pitam!! That was my first experience. But then I tried as hard as I can to move to my bed. Alhamdulillah I could make it. I didn't told my mom bout that. I don't want her to worry about me.
But still, the rashes on my face is so itchy. Even now it has reduce. Then I spotted rashes on my back. Around my shoulder and neck. Was so itchy too. My mom and the doctor said it was the effect of the heat in my body. Hmm.. I hope I'll get better when it comes to monday cause I'll be going home that day.

Thank God, Alhamdulillah. I'm okay now. Much better. ;)


Thursday, 23 January 2014


I know I just gotta let it go .. I should've known I gotta learn to say goodbye now.. I throw my armour down and leave the battleground for the final time now.. cause I know I'm running from a warzone..

Don't you blame me. Don't even ask. I'll never look back... You're the reason we started this fight.


This fight is not over. Yet hasn't reach the ending. Just throw the weapon away and go, don't you ever stay. Its not worth for me and you either. Just keep me safe in your memory. Don't you ever forget me. I am still here walkin away even there's no destination I've plan to go to cause I'm just..

I'm running from a warzone..
A warzone between us..

Just don't try to make it right. I'm leaving the battleground now. Walkin away step by step but if you still want me ... I'll never let you walk through the door of the bottom of my heart so you won't hurt me anymore. 

I know and I should've known.. earlier.. I just gotta let it go. Should've learn to say goodbye forever..

I'm running from a warzone ...

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Sharing Time ~~~

Hay hay hay !

Just want to share this quote with you guys. Have to accept that not everything we have is forever bad and it wont be forever good. Just appreciate what you have cause only God knows the best for us! :*


Saturday, 18 January 2014

Motivate Youself!

Sobaulkhair everybody !!

Have you heard "what goes around comes around" ?? I know you were. I think these words are mostly true (depend on situation). Sometimes what we are facing right now is actually a reminder for us of what had we done before to others. Sometimes exclusively reminder of the Creator above. God. اللة سبحانه وتعلى..

As a normal human, we will never stop from making mistakes. There's always mistake done by us. No matter it is big or small. Its the same. Just be thankful for who you are and what do you have in your life.

These reminder usually teach us to forgive and forget. What had happened before, just let it go. Soften your heart. Accept people around you as they are. They couldn't be like what you wanted to. Have respect. Thats important. We may hurt by what they did toward us for some reason, just let it go. Forgive the person and forget. I know its hard sometimes but in a way to be a positive minded, you have to.

I am not a perfect person but I know I deserve the best for my life. I never be like anyone else cause I am me. Day by day, I'm trying to be a better person. This motivational advice is not only for you guys the reader but also a reminder for me. May God bless us all.
Have a nice day everyone :D 

Thursday, 16 January 2014

First experience

Hay there!! ^^

Last sunday I went to the Zoo Negara for the first time with Acon and Nel. It was awesome to spent time with these two girls. Laugh and laugh and laugh. Well, I never been to any zoo before even when I was a kid because my hometown doesn't have a zoo. So, no tiger no lion no giraffe no elephant and so on. There just have a big bird park in my hometown. A mini zoo maybe but its just bird and only bird. I did went to peninsular Malaysia because my dad is from kedah. Not every year he brought us there but almost every 2 years. He didn't ever brought me to the zoo before. I don't know why. So last sunday is my first time. Hehehe kesian kan?? :p

If you manage to go to the Zoo, you have to show your identity card if you are malaysian, so you'll pay cheaper than the foreigner. Its just about RM30 for adult and RM15 for kids. They have offer discount if you bring a school of kids. Its not "a school" lar but what I mean is lawatan sambil belajar. Hehe

Anyway, after we made the payment and queue and whatsoever, Nel had purchased a Zoo map. So the journey is just started! The first animal we met was giraffe. So tall, 7 bones on their neck (no wonder lar their neck panjang kan? :p), cute face. Ohh its awesome! First time lar katakan. Excited tak terkata. Haha.. Then we met elephant. Female elephant. You know elephant is a sensitive animal which you cannot rude to them. Most of the place is under construction. So it was not so interesting. Then we walk through a big bird cage and so on. For the first time in my life I saw a real lion n tigers. It was cool you know but then it was all boring. The surrounding, the place was not so interesting. The animal are so far away to see. Cannot touch lar. So boring. There are also an aquarium and it doesn't have a shark even a small shark. The place? It is much better to go to my hometown's aquarium. The place there is more upgrade than the Zoo Negara. They also have no bear. Peguin? Kesian peguin tu tak bebas asyik swimming dalam tank. Thats the worst part. -.-'
I show you the picture. Come, have a look! 

Its me and a giraffe is behind me! 

A cute female elephant. She didn't move at all. Maybe she loves people whom visit her. :)

Swan. Have you ever watch Barbie as swan princess? Yeah, it doesn't link. Haha

Lion!!! Aauummm ~~~

Mr.Tiger in the house!! Roarr~~~

A white tiger. Phantera apa ntah tak ingat nama dia. Haha

This is what I meant. So far away to see. I have to zoom in my camera and this is what I got.

Totally a mess! I don't know lar how the zoo keepers could clean up this mess everyday. Nakal betol landak ne.

A betrayer of the Lion King. Don't you remember the movie? Go watch. You'll found 'em. 

Camel. Its like I'm at egypt but I know there's no green grass in egypt just like you see in the picture! Though these camel had convert to be a Malaysian's animal I think. Haha

Orang Utan during her commercial break after the shooting of  "wrecking ball" video. (she stopped her sadness swung actually :p)

A little chimpanzee! 

A big turtle. 120kg. Yeah more heavier than me. Hahaha

hmm.. thats all. Not so interesting lar but maybe its fun when you bring along your kids here. Maybe they were impress by the animal they've never seen in real. That is more enjoyable cause you could have your own entertainment originally made from the kids rather than you visits these animal alone. I do enjoyed the moment I have spent with my good friends here but still its such a waste of money for me lar. Haha sorry whom didn't agree with me :p

Till then,

Sunday, 5 January 2014


Turning 19 is so exciting. I am so excited this year. The last "teen" on my number of age. Then, my birthday is on monday which is the same day of birth of prophet Muhammad SAW. Blessing day!! Alhamdulillah..
Gonna write on you soon bloggie.

xoxo !

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Sadness on the last day of 2013

I just can't believe that I had received a bad news on the last day of 2013. I lost my friend, my very good friend.. Selpianah Herman whom drowned and died at the water park Labuan.

May God bless her. Its been 12 year we've known each other. I missed her so much. Really, it was a shocking news. It was so sad. I don't have even a chance to meet her before she go. 

Innalillahiwainnailaihirajiun.. Allahuakbar.