Monday, 9 December 2013


Hay guys. I just woke up this early morning. Just 2 hours of sleeping. Now I am soooo fresh. Why? Hmm.. I have a nightmare.

The story begin... 
The shit ghost came to my dream. Once I woke up, I try to sleep again. Yeah I could make it but the shit ghost came again!! In that dream,, I found a book given by my friend from Sarawak. He gave me and said, "you can read this before I give it back to the owners." So I took it and read it. Well, as he told me to read the book so I just read it. And the book was about a history of a woman who then become a ghost. Sad stories. She was being humiliated by those people whom wanted to killed her. She become a ghost to kill them back. Revengeful. Then after finished the book, I went out from my hostel and meet my other friends who knew bout the book. Suddenly my friend said.. "you found the book?? OMG!! There must be something bad happen again!!" I was shocked and tell them that its not only me who found the book. Its my friend too. All of a sudden we heard someone screaming. I was like.. "what is that? Where did it come from??" My friend said "run!! Go back home, faster!!" So I ran to my house while the screaming voice became louder and louder. I entered my house in hurry. My friend Catherine was at my house with the other housemate and the book was with her!! She copy the story, to write on an article. Then I don't remember what is happening, suddenly I took her and the book outside the house and bring her to my friend as intention to return the book. The rest of my housemate was following us behind.

On that time... my friend said once someone read the book, the story cannot being copy because the ghost will haunt anyone who re-write the story. We continue running. Till this part I woke up. After few minutes I went back sleeping.

The dream continue again. So I ran to another block trying to save Catherine from the ghost. Yes the ghost was in her way to find Catherine. I don't know how she knew that Catherine had copy her story. The wind blowing, it was hard situation for us to escape. Then I took them hiding in a room. On that time the book is no longer with us. I try my best to hide from the ghost. Then a moment later, she's passing through the room we were hiding. I saw her. Her head was big and a bit longer than normal human's head. Her hair was black and so messy. She doesn't have feet or body. I really don't want to write her name here. Haha xD

The thing is... she was so ugly. So scary too. Then I change my position in order to stalk her, where she wanna go next. So I'm hiding in a different place but still in the same room. Suddenly she turned back. She saw me!! Waktu tu mmg ingat Allah je lar. Haha..
The time she saw me.. I was staring at her. Know what?? She smiling at me. Then suddenly she changed into a beautiful lady. I was shocked. Boleh plak dia tukar2 padahal takda badan?! Then I woke up again. I was like... whaattt???? And till now I'm still fresh. Hmm.. that ghost really makes me depress. How could she spoil my sleep!! Damn!

You know as we woke up in a shocked condition, its hard to get back sleep. It may take some time. I just hate to waste those "golden" time with nothing to do. Hmm..

Well.. the end. 

xoxo !

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