Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Last day of 2013

Time flies so fast. Today, 31st December 2013 the last day of the year. Woahh.. now we are so close to 2014 !! OMG !

Alhamdulillah.. still giving the chance to breath in breath out.. mostly people have their own "azam" for a new year right? This year I want bla bla bla bla. Few years back, mine was wanna have a body shape like katrina kaif. Flat belly, curvy body, slim v face. Wtf! I dont get it. Haha I'm still me, the chubby cute little teenage girl! Oh men.. haha

2014. Fitness year. I don't wanna repeat my previous aim but I just wanna get fit. Healthy care. Yea I'm still young. Will turning 19 just in a week .. so I decide to rajinkan diri for facial n body treatment. Its okay if I'm still a chubby girl. I just have to reduce my body weight. No junk food, no coke, no pepsi, less rice, less fat, more vege, more fruits. Yeah, thats it!!

2013 is such a lovely year. I got new niece, new laptop, new phones, new experience (living far away from my family), new friends, new idol, new crush, new places, new that new this. Its all new. My life is just begun. I don't remeber at all what had happened few months back but I did had sadness moment too.

For 2014, I wanna change to a better person. Better than before. Change change change. In a good way lar. With help and mercy of Allah swt, insyaAllah. ;)
Happy new year you guys. Have a great time. ^^


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