Monday, 25 November 2013

Today ....

Hello. Hi all..
Alhamdullilah. Just got back from my hometown. I really feel relieved even I was rushing to get back here because I have to settle up my registration as a senior student for the new semester.
Today, the classes started. Mathematics 2. Not so though at all. It's fun! Well, glad that I still remember the basic formula so it's not hard for me to complete the exercise.

So far.. it was fun. Same goes to the next class after maths. It was good. The class was just in 1 hour cause the lecturer got some other business to do. Most of the day, I spent my time with my very good friend which is my new best friend, Catherine. We went to cafe, having lunch together with her boyfriend. Well I don't mind if she wanted to bring her special one. I am okay with it.

Hmm... something makes me happy today. At first when I was at the cafe, I was thinking that... I shouldn't meet the person who is kinda special for me. I don't know why. I just doesn't want to. I should not! Then catherine, her boyfriend and I walked together to the lobby and when we passing through the poslaju counter.... I saw someone smiling at me from the door. Since I was a short-sightedness person, I don't recognised him.  I don't know who was that. He wore a long sleeve shirt and mustard jeans. So I just keep staring at him until he reached me and say "hello" then I knew him. So I replied him with a shocked reaction and said "hi" while my eyes kept looking at him all the way. He then replied me "hi" with his eyes that was looking at me too. Yeah, we smiled to each other then :p

Well the thing is... I like that kind of smile. It's special. I can only see the smile just from him. It's different with any other people I've known. Or maybe because he is actually kinda special to me. Hahaa

I really like that moment. Even we're not even talked any longer but the way he approached me was so awesome. Haha yeahh I rarely meet him. So it must be a special moment every time we met. Ohh God. I really can't stop smiling. Haha..

Everything goes well so far. Alhamdulillah.