Friday, 12 July 2013

The Song

Have you listen to the song of Sudirman Milik Siapakah Gadis Ini ?
as I remember the lyrics says,

Lama telah ku impikan
Gadis sepertinya
Mengisi taman hati
Dengan cahaya kasih suci
Milik siapakah gadis ini..

I've listen to this song so many times. Sometimes it's render me bored. Haha.
Well actually I have a story behind this song. When the song played anywhere, it'll remind me something. It's about crush. I don't have crush to someone but the "someone" is actually who had a crush on me. •﹏•

When I was working at my mom's food stall, I met someone who worked as a waiter near to the food stall. I don't even know what age is he. He had a chinese look but he is a muslim. He's white, just same hight with me, shy person, wore a cap everyday. His name is... well let it be my secret. Hehe.
I never knew he's actually likes me until one day, there's a employee there who had told me the truth. That's why I felt strange when he often said to me "terima kah kasih?" As I think it was a joke but it's not.

When I was there, the song of Milik Siapakah Gadis Ini were played everyday. I don't expect the song was played by him. I think it was from a radio. Sometimes I think, is the radio like to play the song? Doesn't he/ she (the deejay) getting bored play it everyday? But.. since it was like a temporary file in my mind so I do not care bout it.

And yes, I will listen to the song everyday. Until one day, the man who had crush on me left and quit his job there, I didn't hear the song again. I wonder how come it stop so suddenly? Then when I was at his work place, I asked the kakak there n she told me that the song is actually played by him n not the radio. Andd,,, the point is , the song is played for me !! The girl meant in the lyrics is me ! I was so surprised.

Since he quit, I never heard that song everyday again. I just don't get it why is he hiding me the truth? Why don't he just let it go? Even though I'll never accept him but .. hmm... never mind.. I just don't like to be the last to know..
That's the story. The end. Hehe

Did I miss the moment ? Yes. My answer is yes. I miss him too. Well as my good friend. Just a good friend.


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