Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Safety on July

Hi all.. 
Happy july to all of you. May this month led us to be more mature and safe.

Actually Im still in a shocked because of the death of my friend. Well, ajal maut di tangan Allah kan? But yes, of course we still have to be more alert on what happen nowadays and be more careful.
My late friend had died in an accident at shah alam. I didn't know her well but I do know her because we did met in a camping last few years ago. The accident was so terrible. The car was almost crack !! Bumbung pun takda, stereng pun tercabut. Sangat teruk!

And few days after the bad news I'd received bout my late friend, my mom told me that my sister's brother-in-law was dead in an accident too ! It happened in the middle of night. He had left his beloved wife with 1 year-old son. The accident was also tragic where the fortuner he drove collided the divider with kancil at batu arang. Yes Im shocked about it too.

And...thats the reason I still don't get my own driving license today !! Money is not the matter at all. Its all about safety !! I did ask my mom and she gave me the same answer as my father. So, if I wanna go out, my parent will send me off and pick me up or I'll go by a car with my trusted best friend (who got the license earlier).

So, to all of you (teenager of course!) who had a driving license, please be more careful when you decide to drive on your own. Yes malang tidak berbau kan? So, do alert on signals, signs, the cars (engine or whatever), and the weather too! Drive safely. No need to drive as fast as you can cause jalanraya is not the place to you to show your championship -.-'. Slowly drive, don't rush. Biar lambat asal selamat, ok ?


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