Saturday, 27 July 2013


Salam ramadan.. ;)
Well today agak busy helping my mum. However still have my own time while working. So I use it by stalking on my own fb. Haha

I used to get involved in this social network when I was in form 2 in the year of 2009. Early 2009 which then Facebook or fb became famous n popular among people all around the world. Yeah I admit that I had addicted to it long time ago. I cannot live my day without online on fb.
I would stand for hours, online and keep on chatting with my new friends! Omaigadd.. teruknyer xp 

Then starting from 2011, slowly Im getting bored with fb. I moved to my twitter. But still I keep on chatting if I got nothing to do at home. Till now I didn't delete all the chats in my inbox.
So what did I do today was reading all the conversation I have made. From the bottom till the latest. As I could see, there's my friend whom deactivate their account. And yes, I don't remember who are they! Even who are still active. I don't know how and when Im started to know them all. I just forgot and I dislike it. Yeah, the way I talked, I wrote shows that Im still a "kanak-kanak riang" who doesn't matured yet. =="

Despite all old conversation, I found my old self there. I am so friendly, so easy to close to. I try to remember who I just forgot by read all the conversation we made but I failed. I just cannot accept the fact that I know them. How I hate that. Today, I found myself different. Since I didn't update the fb I don't know how to delete all the messages in my inbox. I feel that I've changed. Much better to be who am I now.

The point is being so kind will just kill you in fact that the people who you cares about break your trust. I wont be like that again. I wont be hurt by my kindness. Its really painful. I learn my mistakes. I wont do it again.. actually that was the old me which I found by reading all the conversation that I've made.

Sometimes its good for us to be more selective. Yes we have to be selfish at a time. But just don't too much. Then you wont be hurt. Right?


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