Thursday, 2 May 2013

Back to school

Hi again. ;D
Now Im getting back to school again. I'll be wearing uniform, black shoe, school bag, and what so ever.
On the 24th April, I received a msg from my good friend. She told me that she got offered for lower form 6. Then she asked me my i/c number and check for me. Then few minutes later, she came back showed me the website. She said, I got it too. Since then, my head is like running faster, reaching for any idea, searching for any information about this offer.

I've discuss with my best friend regarding this matter. Then I often google for form 6 's information.
I had discuss with my mother too. Then I decide to accept it while waiting for the upu result. And as what I see in the surat tawaran kpm, it says that students whom waiting for the upu "WAJIB melapor diri disekolah yang ditawarkan".  So Im the one. Hee

On this 8th of may, I will "lapor diri" at smklabuan. I got offered in science course but I will change n choose for human course. The same reason, Im not maths people. Haha XD
So I will be back to school yeah ! -.-

The things that I hate is to wear the tudung sekolah. I don't like ! Its not bad on me but the problem is, Im not comfortable n it does not suits me !! I know Im still looks like me. Of course it doesn't change my face into erra fazira pun. =='

And getting back to school means I have to buy new uniform (Alhamdulillah dah siap jahit. Haha) , new books, new that, new this. And also new spectacles. Then I'll be using spectacles again. Ye lar, wktu lain mana pakai. Haha. But so far its something new for me lar because I'll be wearing a black skirts n shoe not blue and white anymore. Yippie !! More thinner for me (I guess) !! Hahaha..
So, the new routine will meet me and wake me up everyday and my mom will be alone on her food stall without me. Even the other waiter is there, its not me anymore to help my mom deliver the laksa, pasembor and bakso there. Poor her. InsyaAllah, Allah will help her. And meanwhile, I mean while Im still here in Labuan, I still could helping my mom on saturday and sunday. So tak lar beban sangat kan? But logically if Im moving to KL  for the further studies, my mom will be alone too. Hope abah can help her n also my sister will incharge too. Hopefully lar. ;)
Done here for today ^^

Love, Me

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