Monday, 20 February 2017

Major Throwback About Crush

Hello again!

I know most of us especially girls got a crush. hehe

My heart melt whenever I see this!
As I was scrolling my twitter this morning, I saw a post about boys who loves playing with little kids. So loving! I an ice! hahaha

Anyway the picture somehow remind me of one my crush which I call him as "Abang Polis". he isnt a police men. Not at all. I call him that because he was active in kadet polis sekolah. Abang Polis is a very loving guy. A loving brother! I remember attending a course back in school years ago, In the course, we were place with these school kids. Still young below than 10 years old. I saw him playing with these kids. Boys. The boys were laughing out loud of his jokes. He tease them, he laughed. Oh my God. My heart melt! hahaha omg omg omg

I could still see the picture of that moment in my head now. Hahaha.. I remember that time I couldn't stop smiling, like an idiot. End of the course session I reached out to the boys and asked them do they like my abang polis, not to my surprise, they do! They said "abang tu best la kak". Kids are innocent. They don't lie. I can't lie either during the event my head were full of him. jeez! xD

I didn't know where is he now. As the latest update, a friend inform me that he will be married soon. Alhamdulillah. May he lives happily ever after with his lady and may God bless them both till jannah and produce lots of babies! I know he will be a very loving husband and father to his wifey and kids. Lucky ler that lady. hihii

Monday, 13 February 2017


Hey! We meet again. in 2017. First entry for this new year. haha

I hope everyone is doing fine. Well... I have made few changes on my blog lately. Its just that I did not post anything because I absolutely have no idea what to post about.  Only today, I am so thrilled thinking of families that are expecting twins. I don't have a twin. Do you?

Weeks ago, I read a news saying the top Hollywood diva, a smoking hot Momma to Blue Ivy, Beyonce made an announcement on her Instagram stating that she is currently pregnant and the Jay-Z family are expecting twins! I am very sure that her fans around the world sharing the happiness too! Congratulations Yonce!

Another scene,, I was scrolling my Instagram timeline seeing posts of whoever I follow. Suddenly I stumble upon a picture of books. The books are all about twins. Then I moved my eyes to the caption and here we go, another couple is expecting twins too! Most Malaysian adore her husband, Datuk Dr Sheikh Muszaphar, the astronaut. She is one of my idol. I adore her, really. Dr Halina, congratulations! As I have read her blog before she wrote about her first daughter Bella is going to sleep over at her grandma's house with her cousin.. and it is funny how her husband making jokes of her being pregnant, having twins! Well, mulut masin yer Datuk? Now your wife's tummy got twin inside! Alhamdulillah. Another rezeki, another amanah, another huge responsible for both of you, and it might be a twin brother or maybe twin sister for Bella and Tasha! I am so happy too!!!!! 

Even though we are not related at all but it is a great news and I am so happy to hear any couple that are expecting twins. Tough but fun! Anyone dreaming to have a twin too? Basically I am NOT of you but I'm really hoping for my brothers or sister to have a twin in the future. Good news, I am expecting another new niece soon! or maybe a nephew. I don't know yet ;p

Till we meet again. Probably a very long time again. xD 

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Let bygones be bygones

Hello everybody. Been a long time, again.  We already reach december now. How time flies. 2016 is a tough year for me indeed. Quite challenging in so many ways. I jump from one step to another, very unexpected. 

There are people asked me, "how's 2016 to you?". I wrote the answer on the above paragraph but i'd like to just use one word to describe - which is "tough". I got happiness, sadness, madness.. where those things affected my health too. Physically and emotionally. Tortured. For 2016, I have been through a lot since early of the year. I've been upside down. Unstable, but I glad I could make myself up again. Letting myself going through the obstacle of life that I may say, is just begun. 

Honestly, I am in the middle of mental breakdown. No worries, I am not crazy. Still normal, breath in breath out, smiling, laughing and even crying. It was just too much for me to take in. Too much that I'd say I am definitely not yet ready for this. Praise the Lord. The Almighty has been very helpful that He gives me strength to go through these thing I have never imagine. Thank you very much for those who stay, and support me. 

Shakespears say, let bygones be bygones. I once lost. I did. Maybe so many times I can't even count but I still have hope to live. We are heading to the new year of 2017 and what ever happened in 2016 is already a history. Old proverb says, let all things past, pass!

Alhamdulillah. InsyAllah, this 2017 will be a great year where I can meet more new people, new experience, and living my new life too. I hope, upcoming 22nd birthday next month makes me even more stronger, more bless, more love, more experience, more mature and more money. Yeah, more money. I basically need that to pay study loan and for saving. And travelling. 

This time, I'm not just writing random. I want to post something that I could go back and remember that I have done the best so far in 2016 though it was quite challenging in a way that it hurts me too, a lot. I pray that God will always bless us all. Amen. 

'Let the unpleasantness between us become a thing of the past'.

Be strong and always keep the faith.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

We don't talk anymore

We don't talk anymore
We don't talk anymore
Like we used to do
We don't love anymore 
What was all of it for
Oh, we don't talk anymore
Like we used to do.. 

I like this song a lot! It always remind me of someone that I used to know, that I used to talk to, laughing with.. but now it is all longgggg gone! 

This time, I'm not gonna write anything specific. It's just came across my mind and I just want to put some words on my blog because I haven't write anything on it for so long now. Haha

Working routine is quite boring, I am still learning to fit in. Fit myself to the work or should I say the "job scope" I have on my shoulder, a job where I earn money from. Seriously, I am still learning to love it. Still learning. Just see if I can. Haha well, I should give myself time right? 

That's all! Will write again soon :*

Monday, 22 February 2016


Holla! :)

Finally, I'm on my way to finish my Diploma!! I just done my final year project last January. it wasn't satisfied enough I can say but I passed! As long as I passed, its a huge relief. Why? Simply because I don't have to repeat the subject and extend the semester. Wink*

During the fyp semester.. my world has been upside down. I did not get a proper sleep. I was in the state of mental breakdown. Main reason is the project and the thesis and the side reason is personal problem. Alhamdulillah. Big thanks to Allah, mom, dad, family, best friends, close friends, classmates, lecturers, supervisor, panel, module leader and someone special for the endless support. Oh, to my haters too, for being busybody all the time. Thank you because of you, I'm struggling to finish so that I don't have to see your face again. Haha

Initially, I had applied my internship at two company but then I got into another place. So currently I'm doing my internship at Labuan International School under ICT department. Not very far from home. Easily can skip the traffic jammed and I can get home earlier! teehee~

Since I don't have my driving license and niece is my loyal driver. How sad I still don't get a license yet. Hmm..

Alhamdulillah, I am happy and thankful enough for being an intern here at LIS. The staff here are all nice and so far I don't have any difficulties to fit in and I can do my work peacefully. By far, I love being around here.

I actually got something else to write but I gotta go now. Will post again soon.

Oh, before that.. I'd like to say good luck, all the best to all my fellas whom are heading back to campus life and also for those whom are doing the industrial training like me. All the best, have fun and God bless you!

Tuesday, 9 February 2016


Hey there!

I had a photoshoot today. It was unexpected actually. The aim was to help a friend handling something that she couldn't fix herself alone so then she asked me to join her. I'm done with my classes so far so I'm definitely home now for a long time. Since there's nothing much to do on this Lunar year I said yes. 

After zuhr, we move to Maie's house to catch some movies and then Maie joined us doing a photoshoot. It was hot fun day indeed! Its not the first time being a talent to a photographer but its been a long long time not doing it. I consider it as my first with my very very good close friend Pico. It was extremendously fun! I'm not awkward. I don't feel shy of course and I can pose whatever style I wanted to. Well, its an offer so of course I receive no payement. Maie was doing great. She looks extremely beautiful. She got the pose and everything. Me? Oh I'm not a good talent but I can make the photographer smile. Hahaha 

I'm not good in posing. I'm not a lady-like talent. Modelling isn't my passion. Lol. Its like the first 5 photo I'll pose like a sweet style lady but lemme tell you, its not genuine pose! Its not me, really not me! Then after 5 mins, I'll change to my real me. Pico had tagged me the photo and I received a comment says "stylo". Haha yes bro, stylo! I actually didn't know how to pose like a model. Seriously. The same thing happened before when I pose as one of the bridemaid of a senior's wedding. Though I wear heels, I do wear and love heels but it doesn't mean I'm a feminist. Haha 

So a big thanks to Pico for offering me being your talent which is not very talented. Haha. Anyway thanks. I appreciate your work. It was great! Pray for your success amen. And thanks to Maie for your lovely transvylnia nyx lipstick. Dark purple colour is just my cup of tea. I love it and thanks again to both for spending a great great time with me. Hope to see you both again. Nak photoshoot lagi pun bolehhh!! Hahahah 

Friday, 8 January 2016


Tell me who doesnt wanna have a perfect , real relationship with someone you love? I bet all us do. 

Getting into a relationship is like you are willing to assign to an commitment. Either you have to or you wanted to. Real life may not have appear as smooth or always happy ending instead we will have to face something that sometimes or I can say most of the time we do not expect to happen. 

Doesnt matter if you are serious or not, as long as you and your partner agree to involve in a relationship, basically means you are ready to face the obstacle and go through everything together. Indeed, there will always have unavoidable arguments, missunderstood, fight and etc.. But then once both of you can get through that, the relationship may be safe
out of harms way. Its impossible not to have arguments because we are dealing emotionaly and physically with human being. Different attitude, different personalities, different that different this.. 

Bear in mind fellow friends..
There is no relationship is a waste of time and not all the relationship works. You may be happy and sad at the same time. I know some people regret meeting or knowing each other and not worth your time but believe me, its not a waste of time. Why? Because if it didnt work, it teach you something and will give you great thing too. Well of course it teach you lessons which in the meantime you gain new experience you never had. 

Don't regret about the relationship that doesnt work on you. You gotta remember behind all that, God has His reasons and better plan for us. You can regret on the person you used to know but not the relationship. You may not know something is broken if you dont try to pick it up. There is nothing unbreakable thing in this world. Though our heart brokes a lot. Right?